Affiliated Event
JP – U.S. New Connection Project
Project|USA+KYOTO Affiliated Event 9/5 (Fri) −9/28 (Sun)

Allison Orr, one of the appointed artists from America, will spend a month in Kyoto starting August 23rd to create a new dance piece with West Flora, the women’s professional baseball league in Kyoto.
As the first step to her unique creation, Allison will immerse herself in the team. To deepen the relationships with them she will spend hours with them, talking with them and watching them play as they throw, hit and chase after the ball. From these encounters she will capture the most intriguing and expressive moments of them to build a dance.
Since baseball still carries a strong image as a male sport, those female players who love to play have experienced conflict, challenges and on the other hand miracles in order to get where they are today. Allison will also delicately express their stories through her choreography.

Through visiting many places and interacting with local people, Hyslom made discoveries and raised some questions. As a young artist group, they found their own style to utilizing various mediums.
This time Hyslom will cultivate their relation to the land, scenery and buildings based on the demolition and construction of a friend’s house. Being a part of the reconstruction and demolition of kominka (old Japanese-style house), and getting to know a hair stylist calling his salon Biseiinn (beauty arrangement salon) , they developed relationships with local people and various places. At this show they will tell you the stories interweaving their experiences in media of film, photos, and performance. This exhibition in Kyoto is one of the new directions that Hyslom is taking. Keep your eye on their new projects coming up in the near future.

Dance Performance

Allison Orr (choreographer)×
Flora (Japan Women's Baseball Team)

Date: 9/23(Tue) 18:00

(dance starts 19:00)

Venue: WAKASA Stadium Kyoto (Nishikyogokushinmeicho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto)
Admission: Free (10,000seats)
In cooperation with: Japan Woman’s Baseball Team
Presented by: Kyoto Art Center


hyslom exhibition
“BISEIBUTSU - Imagining Examples”

Date: 9/5 (Fri) −28 (Sun) 10:00–20:00

Open everyday

Venue: Kyoto Art Center North and South Gallery
Admission: Free
※Performance days: 10/18 (Sat), 10/25 (Sat)
Presented by: Kyoto Art Center