2016.10.22 - 11.13


Talk: Mark Teh’s “Baling” 3Lecture

One of the performances at Kyoto Experiment 2016 Autumn is Baling by Malaysian theater artist Mark Teh.

Kyoto Experiment has organized talks two talks to inform audiences about the unique historical contexts explored in Baling as well as how it forms part of the contemporary arts scene in Malaysia. For this third talk in the series, arts administrator Sadayuki Higuchi and choreographer Zan Yamashita join Mark Teh and others to discuss Baling.

Both Higuchi and Yamashita have 10 years of experience dealing with Five Arts Centre, which is the arts organization in Malaysia responsible for Baling and a leading presence in the local arts scene. The pair visited Malaysia again ahead of the performances in Kyoto to research the background and significance of Baling through dialogue with the producers. Their research concluded that the key idea behind Baling is national identity. This talk will include reports from Higuchi and Yamashita about their research and also explore the relationship between art and Malaysian society.

The informal, cafe-style event with Malaysian sweets is ideal for audiences who want to learn more about Baling before or after seeing the show, as well as experience a multi-faceted view on Japan and Malaysia’s past, present and futures.


Mark Teh, Baling Courtesy of Asian Arts Theatre

Baling Talk 3: Malaysian Cafe Time—Why I like Malaysia

Speakers: Sadayuki Higuchi (arts administrator), Zan Yamashita (choreographer), Mark Teh, June Tan
Date: 10.24 (Mon) 15:00–17:00
Venue: Conference Room 2, ROHM Theatre Kyoto Access
Admission: Free (reservation required)
Capacity: 30
Reservation: booking form

Presented by Kyoto Experiment
Supported by the Japan Foundation Asia Center

Mark Teh, Baling


Five Arts Centre Photo by Sadayuki Higuchi


Five Arts Centre Photo by Sadayuki Higuchi


Photo by Sadayuki Higuchi

Sadayuki Higuchi
An independent arts administrator, Sadayuki Higuchi founded Arts Staff Network in 1999, and managed Art NPO Link from 2004 to 2016. Based in Kyoto, he works for Namura Art Meeting ‘04-‘34 and as a program officer for Okinawa Cultural Promotion Foundation. In his work he aspires to forge art as a social movement.


Zen Yamashita
Born in Osaka in 1970, Zen Yamashita started dancing at the age of 19 and currently works internationally as a choreographer. He won the Kyoto Art Center Performing Arts Award in 2004 and was a senior fellow at the Saison Foundation from 2011 to 2013. He teaches at Kyoto University of Art and Design and Kyoto Seika University, and is an associate artist at atelier GEKKEN.