2016.10.22 - 11.13

Martin Creed
Work No. 1020 (Ballet)
Dance / Theater / Music|LONDON, UK / ALICUDI, ITALY Japan Premiere 10/29−10/30

  • Martin Creed

    Martin Creed "Work No.1020 (Ballet)" Photo by Hugo Glendinning

  • Martin Creed

    Martin Creed "Work No.1020 (Ballet)" Photo by Hugo Glendinning

  • Martin Creed

    Martin Creed "Work No.1020 (Ballet)" Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Winner of one of Britain’s top contemporary art awards, the Turner Prize, in 2001, Martin Creed’s work is born out of systematically arranging or moving the things that surround us. Visual art, he says, is the same as music or theater. His interests lie in questioning what can be considered a work of art, in examining the relationship between art and the world around it. Creed detaches things from their social contexts, newly presenting their repetition or regulation as types of rhythm. A true radical, the artist seeks out a minimal aesthetic and creates work that unexpectedly involves the viewer, yet also does not hesitate to provoke with references to physiological actions such as excretion or vomiting. His recent work includes a colossal public art installation in New York at Brooklyn Bridge Park spelling out the words “UNDERSTANDING,” as well as a large solo show at Park Avenue Armory. He also continues to release music, demonstrating the verve and diversity of his output.

At Kyoto Experiment, Creed’s work is featured as both an exhibition and performance, making it the biggest presentation of his work in Japan since an international touring exhibition visited Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art in 2009. This is the Japanese premiere of Work No. 1020 (Ballet), which was also Creed’s first attempt at choreography. The performance unfolds as conversation, song and video accompanying the movements of dancers restricted to the five basic ballet positions. Creed himself sings vocals with a live band, including a song called “What’s the Point?” The geometrically controlled on-stage movement is also interwoven with plenty of humor and fun. The videos function as artworks in their own right while also playing a role in the performance akin to chamber music, and can only be viewed at the show. As such, the “ballet” condenses all the artist’s varied activities into one. Emerging from the extension of Creed’s artistic explorations, this performance casually meddles with the conventions and history of dance that accumulated through the modern and postmodern periods. Even for connoisseurs of the performing arts, it defies all expectations.


October 29(Sat) 20:00-
30(Sun) 14:30-

Post-performance talk: October 30

Theater reception opens 1h prior to the performance


Kyoto Prefectural Citizens’ Hall ALTI

590-1,Tatsumae-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

5 min. walk from Exit 6, Imadegawa Station, Karasuma Line, Kyoto Municipal Subway


75 min.


Suitable for 16 years and older


Adult Adv. ¥3,500 / Day ¥4,000
Youth, Student Adv. ¥3,000 / Day ¥3,500
Senior Adv. ¥3,000 / Day ¥3,500
High School Student
and Younger
Adv. ¥1,000 / Day ¥1,000
Pair ¥6,500(advance only)

Youth tickets → Up to 25
Senior tickets → 65 & Up
Unreserved Seating

Available from August 8, 2016, 11:00 a.m.