2016.10.22 - 11.13

[Exhibition] Chu Enoki, Futoshi Miyagi, Jun Yang and others
“Towards the other side of the world” A project by Michikazu Matsune
Exhibition 11/3−11/6

Michikazu Matsune

Born 1973 in Kobe and lives in Vienna since 1997. Michikazu Matsune is an artist, choreographer and performer who works in various mediums such as live-performance, photography and video. His interest lies in testing poetical absurdity to reflect our society critically and playfully. His interdisciplinary performances have been developed in different contexts such as public space,

gallery space and stage, and presented in renowned institutions and festivals internationally. Since 2012 Matsune teaches performance practice and has been a guest tutor at the Universität der Künste Berlin (University of Arts Berlin) and Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. As an extension of his art practice, he also organizes/curates exhibitions with focus on performance practice.

Chu Enoki

Born in Kagawa Prefecture, Chu Enoki is based in Kobe. His long career has included eccentric happenings as well as artworks that use metal to explore issues of arms and the future of the city.

Murat Gök

Murat Gök was born in Diyarbakır, Turkey, where he lives today. Influenced by his location near the Turkish-Syrian border, he uses photography to explore the region’s political situation.

Aldo Giannotti

Born in Italy, Aldo Giannotti is based in Vienna. His drawings and performances are humorous yet also at times also provocative.

Marlene Hausegger

Marlene Hausegger is based in Vienna. Her site-specific work has been created in cities all over the world.

Leopold Kessler

Born in Munich, Leopold Kessler is based in Vienna. He is known for his work recording mischievous public performances through photography and video.

Futoshi Miyagi

Born in Okinawa, Futoshi Miyagi is based in Tokyo. Often confronting his own memories and experiences, he explores themes of nationality and identity through video, sculpture, photography, and text.

Patricia Reed

Born in Canada, Patricia Reed is based in Berlin. She is a writer and visual artist whose work explores the global economy.


Jun Yang

Born in China, Jun Yang was raised in Vienna. His art often deals with his upbringing as an outsider in another culture.