2016.10.22 - 11.13

Michikazu Matsune
Dance, if you want to enter my country!
Performance|VIENNA, AUSTRIA Japan Premiere 11/3−11/6

  • Michikazu Matsune

    Michikazu Matsune "Dance, if you want to enter my country!" © Michikazu Matsune

A performance that questions the borders of national and racial identity

Vienna-based Michikazu Matsune uses his own body to create performances that challenge society and systems. Premiered in Austria in July last year, this performance is inspired by an actual incident at Ben Gurion Airport. The African-American dancer Abdur Rahim Jackson was visiting Israel for a performance but his Muslim first name drew the suspicion of the border security officers. He was taken into a private room and made to dance in order to prove his profession.
Matsune’s approach is not simply to criticize this; rather, he attempts to explore the truth behind the peculiar incident based on his own experiences of travel. Reconsidering the background behind the story, Matsune re-enacts a piece by Alvin Ailey, the dance company to which Jackson belongs, themed around the African-American civil rights movement, while also questioning the true value of a passport as identification.

Confronting a society that forces lines between nationality, ethnicity and identity, Matsune, who has lived overseas for many years, stands at these borders and uses various means to inquire into how far they can be disputed from the position of the individual.
An exhibition, “Towards the other side of the world,” is also held in the same venue. Planned by Matsune, it features a range of artists from around the world, revealing the frictions and contradictions caused by national borders.


November 3(Thu) 16:30- [Sold out]
4(Fri) 19:30- [Sold out]
5(Sat) 14:00-
6(Sun) 19:30-

Post-performance talk: November 4

Theater reception opens 1h prior to the performance


Auditorium, Kyoto Art Center

546-2, Yamabushiyama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

5 min. walk from Exit 22 or 24, Shijo Station, Kyoto Municipal Subway, Karasuma Station, Hankyu Line


70 min.


Before and after performances, audience can also view the exhibition “Towards the other side of the world” in the same venue


Adult Adv. ¥2,500 / Day ¥3,000
Youth, Student Adv. ¥2,000 / Day ¥2,500
Senior Adv. ¥2,000 / Day ¥2,500
High School Student
and Younger
Adv. ¥1,000 / Day ¥1,000
Pair ¥4,500(advance only)

Youth tickets → Up to 25
Senior tickets → 65 & Up
Unreserved Seating

Available from August 8, 2016, 11:00 a.m.


[Exhibition] Towards the other side of the world
A project by Michikazu Matsune

Dates: November 3 (Thu)– November 6 (Sun)

Venue: Auditorium, Kyoto Art Center

[Exhibition] Towards the other side of the world