2016.10.22 - 11.13

Niwa Gekidan Penino
Avidya: No Lights Inn
Theater|TOKYO, JAPAN Kansai Premiere 11/9−11/13

  • Niwa Gekidan Penino

    Niwa Gekidan Penino "Avidya: No Lights Inn" Photo by Shinsuke Sugino

  • Niwa Gekidan Penino

    Niwa Gekidan Penino "Avidya: No Lights Inn" Photo by Shinsuke Sugino

  • Niwa Gekidan Penino

    Niwa Gekidan Penino "Avidya: No Lights Inn" Photo by Shinsuke Sugino

Glimpse the inner recesses of the mind in this swirling fantasy set at a hot spring inn

Niwa Gekidan Penino conjures up bravado theatrical visions from the imagination of Kuro Tanino, who started his career as a psychiatrist and designs breathtaking sets for his productions. Tanino’s work invites audiences to enter the dark world of the subconscious. Fresh from winning the prestigious Kishida Kunio Drama Award, this first revival of Avidya: No Lights Inn transports us to a hot spring inn deep in the mountains of Hokuriku, northwest Japan. Its curious cast of characters includes an eccentric father and son who are puppeteers, a blind man, a male bathhouse attendant, an old woman, and a geisha.

Luring us into a world we should not see, it is easy to see why the suspenseful play dazzled the Kishida Kunio Drama Award jury. This secluded inn faces demolition to make way for a new railroad. It becomes a metaphorical site for the inner recesses of the mind, a place that exposes our misunderstanding and desires, and our cruelty. Passing through this portal to another world expands our senses, changing the way we even view Japan. Supplemented by Niwa Gekidan Penino’s signature stage design, the play unfolds on a giant, revolving set featuring two levels that further enhances the mystery of the location.


November 9(Wed) 19:00- [Sold out]
10(Thu) 19:00-
11(Fri) 13:00- [Sold out], 19:00-
12(Sat) 13:00- [Sold out], 19:00-
13(Sun) 13:00- [Sold out]

Post-performance talk: November 11, 13:00

Theater reception opens 1h prior to the performance


North Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto

13 Okazaki Saishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

10 min. walk from Exit 1, Higashiyama Station, Kyoto Municipal Subway


130 min.


Performed in Japanese with English surtitles


No entry for preschoolers


Adult Adv. ¥3,000 / Day ¥3,500
Youth, Student Adv. ¥2,500 / Day ¥3,000
Senior Adv. ¥2,500 / Day ¥3,000
High School Student
and Younger
Adv. ¥1,000 / Day ¥1,000
Pair ¥5,500(advance only)

Youth tickets → Up to 25
Senior tickets → 65 & Up
Unreserved Seating

Available from August 8, 2016, 11:00 a.m.

Plot Summary

The play is set in an old hot spring inn, located deep in the mountains of Japan. The health spa has long been cherished by the local villagers as a place to rest and cure them of their ailments. However, it is fated to be torn down to make way for a new railroad. One day in 2015, as the autumn prepares to change into winter, a rather peculiar father and son arrive from Tokyo. They are puppeteers who have come to put on a show at the request of the inn-owner. The father is a dwarf while his son is a rather eerie, expressionless figure who always seems to be wearing a mask. With their client nowhere in sight, the father and son wait in vain at the inn. As evening comes and their means of returning home is lost, they are forced to spend the night. While the villagers are puzzled by the sudden visit of this eccentric father and son, they are also intrigued. In time, the villagers find their depths of their minds shaken, exposing their inner darkness.