Next Producer’s CollegeLecture

Two festival directors from Korea and Austria give lectures about
their work programming festivals and theaters.

Inza_Lim2-event VeronicaKaup-Hasler1_corn-event
Left: Inza Lim
Right: Veronica Kaup-Hasler

Speakers: Inza Lim (Former Director of Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival, Cultural Board Member of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture), Veronica Kaup-Hasler (Director, steirischer herbst festival)
Moderator: Yusuke Hashimoto Program Director, Kyoto Experiment / ROHM Theatre Kyoto

Date & Time: 3/18 (Fri) 13:00-
Venue: Meeting Room, ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Admission: 2,000 yen Rreservation required*
Capacity: 30
Language: English, Korean with consecutive Japanese translation

Presented by: Villa Kujoyama, Kyoto Experiment
Supported by: Supported by: the Agency for Cultural Aairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2015

Reservation: now
Call Kyoto Experiment Office (075-213-5839) or apply online

Inza Lim
Born 1976, Studied theatre theory and practice at university and served as festival artistic director from 2010 to 2015 at Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival. She is independent producer and policy board member of Seoul Cultural Foundation and editor of Korean Theatre Review. She was project artistic director for ‘Urban-Trans-Project in Gwangju’ by Asian Arts Complex at 2013. Inza Lim has worked with such artists as Geumhyung Jeong, Whajung Kang, Visual Theatre Company CCOT, greenpig (Hansol Yoon), Minjung Kim (Movement Dang-Dang) and Creative VaQi (Kyung-Sung Lee)、 Recently She had collaborated with Ei Arakawa at 10th Gwangju Biennale which title with ‘The Unheroed Theatre (Character Studies with Gwangdae, Shinmyoung, Tobaki, the Fictitious Aseupalteu) (2014)’ and she works for Jongsun Han who is Victim of Devastation of Human Rights at Hyeong Je (Brother) Welfare Center as unrevealed violence of Korean modern history under the economic growth. She works reflecting historical and social context in the theatre as trying to thinking of what is marginal in the society.

Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival Website

Veronica Kaup-Hasler
Born 1968, director of the contemporary arts festival steirischer herbst in Graz/Austria, which she has been running since 2006. In addition, she is member of the council of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and of a selection of juries. Previous positions include dramaturge at Basle Theatre (1993-95), and festival dramaturge for the Wiener Festwochen (1995-2001), from 1998 on as artistic collaborator of theatre director Luc Bondy. Other work included giving lectures in Professor Erich Wonder’s master classes at the Academy of Fine Arts (1998-2001) and the artistic directorship of the Theaterformen festival in Hanover and Brunswick (2001-2004)

steirischer herbst festival Website