KYOTO EXPERIMENT  Open Network for Performing Arts Managers ON-PAM Public SymposiumSymposium

This symposium is organized by Open Network for Performing Arts Managers, which works to connect society and the performing arts both nationally and internationally. It features directors from theaters and festivals from around the world, debating the latest important issues in their fields.


Date & Time: 3/20 (Sun)
[Symposium1] 10:00-12:30 *Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available

Speaker: Christophe Slagmuylder (Artistic Director, Kunsten Festival des Arts)
Sankar Venkateswaran (Artistic Director, International Theatre Festival of Kerala)
Moderater: Yoshiji Yokoyama (SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center)

[Symposium2] 13:30-15:30 *Japanese only
Speaker: Tsubasa Shimizu (Production coordinator, Ishinha / Kankara Co., Ltd.)
Akane Nakamura (Producer / Exective Producer, precog)
Kouhei narumi (Artistic Director, theatre company Dainanagekijo and Tsu Akebono-Za)
Yuna Tajima (Production coordinator, Chiten / CHITEN LLC.)
Moderater: Kenta Fujiwara (Explat / Next)

Venue: Auditorium, Former Rissei Elementary School
Admission: 500 yen (No reservation required)

Inquiry: Open Network for Performing Arts Managers Office
Presented by Kyoto Experiment, Open Network for Performing Arts Managers ON-PAM
Co-presented by Rissei Cultural City Steering Committee

Open Network for Performing Arts Management (ONPAM)
This network is established in February 2013 to look into the future, 10 or 20 years ahead, with the consideration of current situation surrounding our society and performing arts, as well as what took place in the preceding decades. By building a national and international network and effectively maintaining it, with the individuals who work closely with society as presenters, producers or managers of performing arts to connect artists/artistic groups and the audience, we will try to define and raise the recognition towards the social role of contemporary performing arts and to advocate on cultural policies, aiming to contribute to the benefit of performing arts and society as a whole. In order to accomplish such aim, we create a membership network that is an “open network” and, unlike an association or a project consortium, it will connect all the members horizontally.
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