Photo Report: Teppei Kaneuji『tower (THEATER)』Rehearsals

In preparation for the premiere on October 13th and 14th, rehearsals for Teppei Kaneuji’s new work tower (THEATER) have begun.

Inside the gymnasium of a former elementary school close to Kyoto station, Kaneuji and dot architects’ giant six metre wooden tower structure stands imposing. In this work, a fusion of sculpture and performance, Kaneuji collaborates with various artists and creatives while the tower stands at its centre. A whole array of colourful items are laid out on the gym floor next to the tower - amongst them are balloons, remote control cars, plastic toys, ropes, gloves and sponges. Using these objects, Kaneuji’s cast and collaborators, who alternate each day, come to rehearse.

Last Saturday’s rehearsal saw performance group contact Gonzo’s first encounter with the tower. To the beat of Shinji Wada’s drums played from a set installed at the base of the tower, the cast launched in to an aggressive and intense rehearsal. See below for our photo report.

Rehearsals are open to the public on September 30th and October 7th, 8th, 9th as part of the exhibition “still moving 2017: 距離へのパトス——far away/so close”. Click here for more details.

Tickets for tower (THEATER) are also now on sale!


Photos by Mayu Takahashi (Kyoto Experiment Intern)
Photos taken on September 23, 2017. Former Suujin Elementary School.

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