Official Program


Something Here


October 14−November 5, 2017Locations around Kyoto,

Official Program


Something Here

An alternative form of sightseeing that reveals a whole new Kyoto landscape

The experimental spaces devised by the team of designers and architects who make up researchlight form an indispensable part of the Kyoto Experiment landscape. At the spring and autumn festivals last year, researchlight created an installation in ROHM Square, the courtyard at ROHM Theatre Kyoto bordering Okazaki Park, that reconfigured various elements of urban infrastructure and architectural remnants into a whole new kind of spatial experience for audiences.

For Kyoto Experiment 2017, researchlight will turn to aspects of the city landscape that are not adequately covered by maps. Kyoto attracts many tourists, who tend to move around the city using a variety of maps. However, people are rarely aware of the things that are not mentioned on these maps and tend to pass these by without noticing. This is an attempt to create and install signs drawing attention to such places.

The project involves UMA/design farm, the design team responsible for the festival’s art direction, and dot architects. Visualizing a whole new Kyoto landscape, Something Here will offer a quietly unsettling experience of the city.


October 14 (Sat) - November 5 (Sun)

There will be a tour of the signs led by the organizers


Locations around Kyoto,


Installation Locations

Download researchlight Map

1. Kitashirakawa-tenjingu Shrine

2. Kyoto Prefectural Kamogawa Park (exhibit on 11/3)

3. The Kyoto City Library of Historical Documents (9:00 - 17:00 / closed Mondays & public holidays)

4. Lake Biwa Canal Museum of Kyoto (9:00 - 17:00 / entrance closes at 16:30 / closed Mondays & public holidays)

5. Okazaki Park (11/2-)

6.-8. ROHM Square, ROHM Theatre Kyoto

9. Midorogaike Lake Park

10. Umekoji Park

11. Nijo Castle (8:45-17:00 / entrance closes at 16:00 / entrance fee ¥600)

Ticket Prices

Free admission


dot architects

dot architects, Floating bridge in the lagoon, 2015

Formed by Toshikatsu Ienari and Takeshi Shakushiro, dot architects is based at Coop Kitakagaya, an interdisciplinary collective in Osaka that brings together people from the fields of art, alternative media, archiving, architectural, regional research, clubs, and nonprofits. The collaborative practice of dot architects involves both specialists and nonspecialists in design and construction. In addition to design, it also works in research and art projects as well as on-site construction. Its current members are: Toshikatsu Ienari, Takeshi Shakushiro, Wataru Doi, Hidefumi Terada, Keiko Miyachi, and Ai Ikeda.

UMA/design farm

Founded in 2007 by Yuma Harada and based in Osaka, UMA/design farm creates cultural, community and welfare projects that aspire to create new experiences and visualize ideas through graphic design, spaces, exhibitions, and project planning. With a focus on collaborative thinking and creativity, its design practice is based on repeated dialogue and experimentation. Its current members are: Yuma Harada, Keisuke Yamazoe, Ryosuke Nishino, Yuka Tsuda, and Kanae Hirakawa

Project Planning Image

researchlight, Searching with Kappa, 2016, ROHM Theatre Kyoto.

researchlight, Searching with Kappa, 2016, ROHM Theatre Kyoto. Photo by Yuki Moriya

researchlight, In Search of Kappa, 2016, ROHM Theatre Kyoto. Photo by Natsumi Kinugasa

researchlight, In Search of Kappa, 2016, ROHM Theatre Kyoto. Photo by Shinsaku Arakawa

researchlight, In Search of Kappa, 2016, Kyoto Art Center. Photo by Yuki Moriya

researchlight, Searching with Kappa, 2016, Kyoto Art Center. Photo by Yuki Moriya


Concept, production and exhibition
UMA / design farm + dot architects
In co-operation with
*design (ULTRA FACTORY, Kyoto University of Art & Design)
Presented by
Kyoto Experiment


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