Official Program

Teppei Kaneuji

tower (THEATER)

AllTheaterWorld Premiere

October 14−October 15, 2017South Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto


Official Program

Teppei Kaneuji

tower (THEATER)

A fusion of sculpture and theater, realized as a physical structure and multiple performances

Based in Kyoto, Teppei Kaneuji is a sculptor who exhibits internationally. He also effortlessly transcends the conventional categories of visual art to collaborate proactively with a wide range of artists and specialists. He first participated in Kyoto Experiment in 2014, where he unveiled four performances with musicians and others at a venue featuring exhibits of his work.

For this year’s festival he will present a “live art” stage adaptation of his video work Tower and sculpture White Discharge. Raising a tower structure on stage that is both abstract and concrete, the work unfolds through a series of collaborative actions with various other artists. Partnering with actor Izumi Aoyagi and video artist Shimpei Yamada alongside a text by novelist Shin Fukunaga and playwright and director Toshiki Okada as well as a cast including the group contact Gonzo, Kaneuji’s stage tower will summon up an inventive fusion of sculpture and performance.


October 14 (Sat)18:00-
October 15 (Sun)15:00-

Post-performance talk: October 15
- Teppei Kaneuji, Shin Fukunaga, Toshiki Okada,
Izumi Aoyagi, Takuya Harada, Teppei Sako, contact Gonzo, Masamitsu Araki, Kazumichi Komatsu, Shinji Wada,
Nae Imai, Gaku Kurokawa, Hsu Chihyu, Ana Miyaki, Muku Kobayashi, dot architects, Shinpei Yamada, Kyoko Fujitani
*Please note this talk is in Japanese only.
Duration: ±80 min.


South Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto 13 Okazakisaishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8342
-10 minutes’ walk from Higashiyama Station (Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line).



Performed in Japanese with English surtitles

Ticket Prices

Adult Advance ¥3,000
Day ¥3,500
Youth , Students Advance ¥2,500
Day ¥3,000
High School Students & Younger Advance ¥1,000
Day ¥1,000
Pair ¥5,500 (advance only)

Youth Tickets: available for those aged up to 25 years old.


Advance tickets on sale from 11:00 / August 8, 2017


Day Tickets

Same day tickets will be available for each performance at the venue box office one hour before the performance starts.

The latest information on ticket availability will be updated below at 11:30am on the day of each performance. We also accept ticket availability inquiries by phone.
Ticket Center: 075-213-0820 (11:00-20:00).



Teppei Kaneuji

Photo by Kotori Kawashima

Born in Kyoto in 1978, Teppei Kaneuji is based in Kyoto. In 2003, he completed postgraduate studies in sculpture at Kyoto City University of Arts, where he currently teaches. He creates collage-style artworks using everyday objects that he collects, consistently attempting to devise and transform figurative systems that manifest the relationship between material and image, and exploring new sculptural forms through diverse media of expression such as painting, video and photography. His solo exhibitions include “Teppei Kaneuji’s Zones” (Marugameshi Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, 2016) and “Towering Something” (Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, 2013). He is also a prolific stage and book cover designer. He created the stage design for Toshiki Okada’s Impossible To Understand You, It’s Almost Like Electrical Devices (Owlspot Theater, 2011) and Wakatta-san’s Cookie (2015–16, Kanagawa Arts Theatre). In 2017, he created TOWER (theater), a stage adaptation of his video art as the art group Futari (“two people”). His solo exhibition “Cubed Liquid, Metallic Memory,” which included four performances, was held at Kyoto Experiment 2014.

Futari, TOWER (Theater) , 2017. Photo by Hideto Maezawa

Futari, TOWER (Theater) , 2017. Photo by Hideto Maezawa

Futari, TOWER (Theater) , 2017. Photo by Hideto Maezawa

Teppei Kaneujiholes and buildings(MARUGAME) , projection mapping, Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, 2016. Photo by Patrick Tsai

Teppei Kaneuji, White Discharge, 2002-.

Teppei Kaneuji, Phantom of Lecture, 2014. Photo by Kotori Kawashima


Teppei Kaneuji and the Constructions
Shin Fukunaga, Toshiki Okada and others
Izumi Aoyagi, Takuya Harada, Teppei Sako, contact Gonzo, Masamitsu Araki, Kazumichi Komatsu (Madegg), Shinji Wada, OORUTAICHI, Nae Imai, Gaku Kurokawa, Hsu Chihyu, Ana Miyaki, Muku Kobayashi and others
Lecture texts
Osamu Tsukihashi
Set design
Teppei Kaneuji, dot architects
Shinpei Yamada
Sound design
Masamitsu Araki, Kazumichi Komatsu (Madegg)
Nami Nakayama
Kyoko Fujitani
Stage manager
Chikage Yuyama
Masashi Doi (ROHM Theatre Kyoto)
Production manager
Takashi Ogami
In co-operation with
Totsukawa Forestry Cooperative, Kyoto City University of Arts, Yumina Kato
Produced by
Teppei Kaneuji
Co-produced by
Kyoto Experiment
Presented by
Kyoto Experiment


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