Festival Book COMING SOON!

September 10, 2018

The Kyoto Experiment 2018 festival book is due to be released this weekend! They're free and will be distributed to various theatres all over Japan as well as hotels and guesthouses around Kansai. You can also pick one up at any of the festival venues and the Kyoto Experiment Office.

In addition to information on each performance and the festival as a whole, the festival book features one written contribution, printed alongside the information for each program. This year the contributions are written by artists, critics, musicians, essayists, activists and others. Through these contributions, which take the form of short essays, conversations, opinion pieces and poems, we hope to share the context and background of each work in the festival line up in order for audiences to enjoy the festival more deeply.

Kyoto Experiment 2018 Artist, Contributing Author and Title of Contribution:

1. Geumhyung Jeong
"Porn for Those Not Human"
by Saeborg (Artist)

2. Gisèle Vienne / DACM
"A Desire for Genuine Encounters"
by Aki Okuda (Social Movement Activist)

3. Roberta Lima
Roberta Lima in conversation with Maho Otsuka, the Toji of SHOUTOKU SHUZO
4. Chikako Yamashiro
"Okinawa Through the Eyes of a twenty-two-year-old"
by Ryugo Nakamura (Film Director)

5. The Wooster Group
"The Performing Garage and Its Times: The Origins of The Wooster Group"
by Tadashi Uchino (Professor of Performance Studies, Gakushuin Women's College)

6. Naoko Tanaka
"A Swaying Platonic World"
by Hiroshi Yoshioka (Aesthetician and Professor, Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University)

7. Cecilia Bengolea & François Chaignaud
"Dub and the Island Nation Mentality"
by Rankin Taxi (Reggae DJ and originator of the reggae movement in Japan)

8. Marlene Monteiro Freitas
"Can Debauchery be a Theatrical Device!?"
by Simone Fukayuki (Chanteur and Drag Queen)

9. She She Pop
"The Body Image and Gender Muddle"
by Mika Kobayashi (Photography Researcher and Visiting Researcher at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

10. Satoko Ichihara / Q
"Our Lies; Tokyo"
by Shonen Aya (Essayist)

11. Natsuko Tezuka
"Floating Performing Arts"
by Daisuke Muto (Dance Critic, Choreographer and Associate Professor in Dance and Aesthetics, Gunma Prefectural Women's University)

12. Lola Arias
"War Trauma and Theater as Therapy"
by Eri Nakamura (Post Doctoral Research Fellow specialising in modern and recent Japanese history, Keio University)

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