Performances and Events on October 12th Affected by Typhoon No. 19

October 12, 2019

・ Niwa Gekidan Penino “Octopus Monks: Ritual of Forgetting”
14:00 / 19:00
Venue | North Hall, ROHM Theater Kyoto
>>> Performances will be held as planned.

However, if you have a ticket for October 12th and it is difficult for you to attend due to the typhoon, you may transfer your ticket to another performance. Full details here.

・ Group Exhibition “The People of Kaesong Industrial Complex”
Venue | Auditorium, Japanese style-Hall, South Gallery and other locations, Kyoto Art Center
>>> This exhibition along with Kyoto Art Center will close at 12:00.

・ Symposium: The Relationship between Design and Festival Identity
16: 00-18: 00
Venue | Lobby 3F Park Plaza, ROHM Theater Kyoto
>>> This event will be postponed. The new date will be announced later.

・ Festival Meeting Point, Shimashima Jima
>>> Closed today.

Kyoto Experiment Office (11:00-19:00, open everyday during the festival)
TEL: 075-213-5839

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