Please bring octopus coloured clothes to Niwa Gekidan Penino’s “Octopus Monks: Ritual of Forgetting”!

October 12, 2019

For audiences attending Niwa Gekidan Penino's “Octopus Monks: Ritual of Forgetting”.

If possible, please bring octopus coloured clothes you no longer need on the day of the performance!

* Performers will wear the clothes during the performance.
* Please note that clothes cannot be returned.
* We will donate the clothes to welfare organizations after the performance.
* The colour can be any warm colour, such as red, vermilion, or orange.

Niwa Gekidan Penino "Octopus Monks: Ritual of Forgetting"
10/12 (Sat) 14:00
10/12 (Sat) 19:00
10/13 (Sunday) 13:00
10/13 (Sun) 18:00 SOLD OUT
10/14 (Monday) 15:00
10/15 (Tue) 19:30

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