—— And Then Mr. Artaud,

Where lies, today, the voice of the theater? Tracks of a three-year battle between Chiten and Artaud.

Chiten’s reputation derives from its undertaking grand projects, such as the series “Chekhov’s Four Great Plays”, or “Shogo Oota’s Complete Texts”, which could only be succesfully carried out by a theatrical company. Their new work presents a reconstruction of the texts of French author Antonin Ar taud, known as the theater of cruelty’s advocate. It is the culminating point of a three-year project, preceded by the reading productions of 2008’s The Cenci and 2009’s Postscript-From the text by A. Artaud —presented at Kyoto Art Center’s “Theater Project”—. While focusing on Artaud’s latter texts, this work discloses the theatric motif left as a postscript to his theory of drama.

Multi-purpose Hall, Kyoto Art Center
Kyoto, Japan

Motoi Miura

Born in 1973. Graduated from the Department of Drama of Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music. In 1996, Miura joined the directing department of Seinendan Theater Company. From 1999 he spent two years in Paris as a researcher from the Agency of Cultural Affairs. After his return to Japan in 2001, he devoted himself to the activities of his theater unit “Chiten”. He has worked on radical contemporary plays from inside and outside Japan, and staged the Japanese premieres of Jon Fosse and David Harrower’s works, among others. In April 2005 he left Seinendan and moved Chiten’s base to Kyoto. In contrast to present-day Japanese theater, where playwrighting and direction are usually combined, his peculiarity lies in the sole dedication to directing work. His technique, which consists in the reconstruction of meaning based on a detailed interpretation of the texts, has been held in high regard. Also in 2005, Miura received the Outstanding Performance Award at Toga Director Contest. In 2006 he was awarded the Best Scenography Prize at Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater. In 2007, Miura won the New Director Award at the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Arts Festival with Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. In 2008 he directed his first opera, In the Penal Colony, and received the Special Promotion for Arts and Culture from the City of Kyoto.

DirectionMotoi Miura
TextAntonin Artaud
Concept, TranslationKuniichi Uno
CastSatoko Abe, Dai Ishida, Yusuke Oba, Shie Kubota, Saki Kono, Yohei Kobayashi, Hiroe Tani
Stage ManagerKoro Suzuki
Stage DesignItaru Sugiyama +Karasuya
SoundToshihiro Dooka
LightingYukiko Yoshimoto
VideoShimpei Yamada
Production CoordinatorYuna Tajima
Produced byChiten
Co-Produced byKYOTO EXPERIMENT, Festival/Tokyo
Supported byThe Saison Foundation, EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee, Kyoto Art Center “Artist-in-Studios” Program
Presented byChiten, Kyoto Experiment