Federico León


The young Argentinean director presents for the first time in Japan. A work that portrays the past, present and future of its characters with an outstanding combination of stage performance and film.

Argentinean director Federico León who has exceptional talent attracted vast attention and praise both in the field of theatre and film. León, who declares that the plays he creates are intimately connected with film art, presents ME IN THE FUTURE, an exceptional piece where live performance and projections are skillfully combined to recreate a person’s lifetime. The play begins with several characters in their 70s watching home videos of themselves, recorded some 60 years before. Children in their early teens and young people in their early thirties will then appear on the stage to reenact what is shown in the film… This piece was premiered at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels) in the spring of 2009 and was subsequently performed at HAU Theater (Berlin) and Festival d’Avignon (France). It has been highly praised in all of the locations it has toured, and will finally be presented in Japan.

Auditorium, Kyoto Art Center
Buenos Aires

Federico León

Actor, playwright, film and theater director, Federico León was born in 1975. After studying film and theater, he began his career as a stage director in 1997 with Country Smack. Since then, he has presented several works such as Fifteen Hundred Feet Above Jacke’s Level (2001) in his native Argentina. In 2002 he was selected to take a part in The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative for young directors, where he worked with Robert Wilson. With plays such as The Adolescent (2003) León has been active in the international scene, and has worked in co-production with Kunstenfestivaldesarts and HAU Theater in Berlin. In 2001 he directed and wrote the script for his first movie, It All Together, and in 2007 his second production, STARS, was premiered at the 60th Locarno International Film Festival.

CreationFederico León & Marianela Portillo, Julián Tello, Jimena Anganuzzi, Esteban Lamothe
CastJimena Anganuzzi, Elisabeth Bagnes, Oscar Mariano Grilli, Julian Larquier, Isabella Ghiara Longhitano, Dina Minster, Marianela Portillo, Belén Abril Pulvirenti, Conrado Valenzuela
CastingMaría Laura Berch
SoundCatriel Vildosola
EditingMartín Mainoli, Catalina Rincón
Make up and HairstyleNéstor Burgos
CostumesValentina Bari
Set DesignAriel Vaccaro
Art Director in VideoMariela Rípodas
Technical CoordinatorJulián Tello
Post-production and Video TechnicianAlejandro Soler
Camera and PhotographyGuillermo Nieto
Light DesignAlejandro Le Roux, Guillermo Nieto
Executive ProducerFederico León
Tour ManagerTatiana Saphir
Assistant DirectorMalena Juanatey
ProductionNadia Jacky
DirectionFederico León
ProductionComplejo Teatral (Buenos Aires)
Co-ProdcutionKunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), HAU Theater (Berlin), Festival delle Coline Torinesi (Torino), Steirischer Herbst Festival (Graz)
Presented byKyoto Experiment


  • Federico León, Las Ideas (The Ideas), 2016, Kyoto Art Center. Photo by Yoshikazu Inoue

    Federico León

    Las Ideas (The Ideas)