Masataka Matsuda / marebito theater company

HIROSHIMA - HAPCHEON: Doubled Cities in Exhibition

Exhibition-styled performance. The opening and ending of
the work is left to the audience’s discretion.

Marebito theater company is directed by Masataka Matsuda. Voiceprints City—Letter to FATHER (2009), a piece based on Matsuda’s own hometown, Nagasaki, explores the relation to the father and the memories of the war. 2009’s PARK CITY deals with Hiroshima as a city reconstructed around a park after the atomic bomb.

The newest production in the “Hiroshima-Nagasaki series”, which aims at digging out the memories buried by the city, takes a look at the Korean town of Hapcheon, also called “the other Hiroshima”. By taking up this city, where numerous victims of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima now live, this work attempts at drawing attention towards the “foreignness” that permeates Japan’s claim to be the only country to have suffered an atomic bombing. How can the seemingly overlapping images of these two cities, Hiroshima and Hapcheon, be brought into the performative space under the form of an “exhibition”?

Auditorium, Kyoto Art Center
approx. 60min.
Kyoto, Japan

Masataka Matsuda

Born in Nagasaki prefecture in 1962. He directed the theater company Jiku Gekijo between 1990 and 1997, where he also worked as dramatist and director. He has received numerous prizes, including the Kishida Drama Award for Sea and Parasol (in 1996), the Yomiuri Drama Award for Moon Cape (in 1997), and the Yomiuri Literary Prize for Over Summer Sands (in 1998). Besides stage plays, Matsuda wrote the script for director Kazuo Kuroki’s A Boy’s Summer in 1945, and his play The Youth of Kamiya Etsuko was adapted into a film by the same director. In 2003 he formed marebito theater company, and resumed his activity as playwright and director. Among the company’s principal works there are cryptograph (2007), Voiceprints City—Letters to FATHER (2009), and PARK CITY (2009). Marebito theater company has also been actively present in the international scene: Among others, cryptograph has been presented in Egypt, China, and India.By means of designing out-of-the-ordinary worlds, Matsuda reflects on the meaning of nowadays’ “real”. He also continues to work in making Kyoto a stronghold of art production. Matsuda is at present a visiting professor on performing arts at Kyoto University of Art and Design.

DirectionMasataka Matsuda
Assistant DirectorYuriko Maiya, Tsuyoshi Tanabe
CastSatoshi Ikuzane, Chiaki Kawamo, Chiaki Kirisawa, Yuto Kurosaka, Erina Kodama, Daisuke Komada, Takashi Shima, Aki Takeda (gyoto), Jung Young-doo, Maki Nishiyama, F. Japan (eisei), Keiko Yamaguchi, Harumi Yamaguchi
Stage ManagerTakuro Iwata
SoundMasamitsu Araki
LightingYasuhiro Fujiwara
VideoMikihiro Endo
CostumeKyoko Domoto
Production CoordinatorsMariko Mori, Mao Nishimura
ProgrammingSatoshi Hama
Produced bymarebito theater company
Co-Produced byKYOTO EXPERIMENT, Festival/Tokyo
Supported byJapan Arts Found, Asahi Beer Arts Foundation, The Saison Foundation, Kyoto Art Center “Artist-in-Studios” Program
Co-Presented byKyoto Experiment
Presented bymarebito theater company