Akito Inui/ Tetsuwari Albatrossket

Tetsuwari-no-Albatross-ga in Kyoto

High-speed tidal flow of 30 absurd numbers!

Akito Inui rapidly gained attention af ter his novel Disgusting Soup received the nomination to the Akutagawa Prize. Inui is the scriptwriter for Tetsuwari Albatrossket, a performance group that, rather than story-based plays, presents a series of thirty fast, brief numbers. These numbers, inspired on a wide range of street performances (blues, punk, monkey street performance, sumo, kabuki, bunraku, kagura…), are an arbitrary compilation of things that share a marginal tint. This group’s name, composed of ‘Tetsuwari’ from “Tetsuwari Family”— a group of “feet-performers” in the Edo Period—and the bird, albatross, reflects its very nature: rather than “theater actors” they consider themselves “stage performers”. They have been reviewed as “a fourpanel manga turned into a rock performance” and although they take part in the Tokyo theater scene, they have managed to keep a very unique position. This presentation, their first in Kyoto in six years, includes a selection of previously staged numbers complemented by a series of new pieces. They hope to steal the hearts of the audiences in Kyoto and Kansai with laughter and amazement.

Tokyo, Japan

Akito Inui / Tetsuwari Albatrossket

Born in Tokyo in 1971. After graduating from the Program of Arts at Tamagawa University, and leaving the theater company Bungakuza, Inui launched in 1997, alongside Misao Ushijima, the performance group Tetsuwari Albatrossket, where he is in charge of scriptwriting and performance. This performance group shows a high-speed succession of about 50 numbers of one to five minutes in each play. These numbers are a mixture of various unrelated styles, including skits, singing, dance, and more, whose content is a pot-pourri of elements like classic rakugo, naniwa folk songs, rock’n roll, punk, literature, movies, food, etc. By bringing sensations out of focus they attempt at naturally arousing “a vague sense of transiency, the rules of a meaningless condition, a sublime ambiguity, a nonsensical emotion, a perfect unnaturalness, a mistimed impulse, a stirring foolishness”. In 2000, Inui received the grand prix at the 10th Guardian Garden Theater Festival. He also continues his activity as a novelist: among his literary production, the novel Disgusting Soup, published by Shinshosha and nominated for the 141st Akutagawa Prize, stands out.

TextAkito Inui
Direction, LightingMisao Ushijima
CastAkito Inui, Isao Okumura, Tomohito Nakajima, Noritsugu Nakajima, Yoichi Murakami, Kenji Uchikura, Utako Marx, Mamiko Ito,Shigeo Kobayashi, Hidejiro Kimura
SoundSatomi Matsushima
Produced byTetsuwari Albatrossket
Supported byThe Saison Foundation
Co-Presented byART COMPLEX 1928
Presented byKyoto Experiment