Akira Kasai

Blood is a special kind of juice.

“Words become flesh and blood, and these are made into a work of art.” Based on the underworld written in the Kojiki, the Japanese record of ancient chronicles, Kasai startlingly approaches the primitive roots of dance!

Akira Kasai, one of the most renowned Butoh artists in the world, is back to Shunjuza stage where he astonishingly performed Pollen Revolution eight years ago. During the 1960s Kasai developed a strong friendship with other Butoh founders such as Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno, carried out countless numbers of performances, created his dance institute “Tenshikan” (Angels’ Hall) and mentored several dancers such as Setsuko Yamada and Kota Yamazaki. The newest work by this Butoh master, a leading ˜gure for the past ˜fty years, is based on the underworld written in the Kojiki, the Japanese record of ancient chronicles. It is a bold work of choreography that strives for primitiveness: “Words become šesh and blood, and these are made into a work of art”.

Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza
Tokyo, Japan

Akira Kasai

Akira Kasai was born on November 25, 1943, and played a major role, along with Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata in the creation of Butoh dance. With representative solo choreographies such as Crucified Madonna, Invitation for Butoh Banquet, Tannhauser and Chigo no Soshi among others, Kasai is also the founder (in 1971) of the dance company “Tenshikan (Angels’ Hall)”. From 1979 to 1985 he lived in West Germany, where he devoted himself to the study of Rudolf Steiner’s Eurythmy. Not only was a great part of the work he produced after his return to Japan a form of eurythmy, but he also created a Eurythmy School in 1990. In 1993, with the production of his Seraphita -woman with mirror genitalia, Kasai o¶cially resumed his activities as a Butoh dancer. His masterpiece Pollen Revolution has been staged in various cities around the world, and in 2009 he toured Italy with his “AKIRA KASAI Eurythmy Company”. Within his Dance Space “Generis”, Kasai has produced pieces such as Rhinozeros and Carmina Burana, among others. He is the author of books such as Angel Theory, Twilight of the Gods, Holly Spirit Butoh and the picture books Androgyny Dance, Galaxy Revolution and danse double (in collaboration with Chikashi Kasai).

Direction, Concept, ChoreographyAkira Kasai
DanceAkira Kasai, Reiji Kasai, Sho Terasaki, Makoto Sadakata, Kentaro Kujirai, Masahide Ohmori
Stage ManagerKiyonaga Matsushita + Karasuya
SoundHiroki Tsunoda
LightingTai Morishita (Lightship)
Production CoordinatorJunko Hanamitsu (NPO Kaibunsha)
Produced byTenshikan
Co-Produced byKyoto Experiment
Presented byKyoto Experiment