The Seagull

“What we need is a new kind of theatre.”
The Seagull proliferates throughout Kyoto in the blink of an eye.

Last year, with And Then Mr. Artaud,, Chiten made a bright display of their dramatic skills and their powerful staging. This year they are back at Kyoto Experiment with a challenging new piece. Starting in 2007 and continuing for two years, Chiten undertook the major project of staging a series called “The four great masterpieces by Chekhov”. The Seagull, one of the four plays, has been re-imagined for these two venues that are completely different. By means of staging The Seagull -a title that brings to mind the ever propagating animal- in different spaces around Kyoto, such as the intimate space of a tatami room or the theater of a modern work of architecture, they aim to adapt their plays to these places. A total of 17 performances at two venues will run throughout the festival. The presence of Chiten here will surely impress audiences anew.

Japanese-style room “Meirin”, Kyoto Art Center, ART COMPLEX 1928
Kyoto, Japan

Motoi Miura

Born in 1973, Miura graduated from the Department of Drama of Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music. In 1996 he joined the directing department of “Seinendan” Theater Company, where he worked as an assistant director to Oriza Hirata and as full-time staff at Komaba Agora Theatre. After spending two years in Paris as a researcher for the Agency of Cultural Affairs, he returned to Japan in 2001 and devoted himself to the activities of his theatre unit “Chiten”. He has worked on radical contemporary plays from inside and outside Japan, and staged the Japanese premieres of Jon Fosse and David Harrower’s work, among others. In April 2005 Miura left “Seinendan” and received the Outstanding Performance Award at the “Toga Director Contest”. In 2006 he was awarded the Best Scenography Award at the “Cairo International Festival” for Experimental Theatre. Since 2007, the year he was granted the New Director Award at “the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Arts Festival” with Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, Miura started producing Chekhov’ s four major plays. In 2008 he received the Special Promotion for Arts and Culture Award from the City of Kyoto and in 2010 the Kyoto Prefecture Culture Award. In the same year his first book on production theory, Is just being interesting OK?, was published. At present, he is a visiting professor at the Department of Performing Arts in Kyoto University of Art and Design.

TextAnton Chekhov
DirectionMotoi Miura
TranslationKiyoshi Jinzai
CastSatoko Abe, Dai Ishida, Shie Kubota, Saki Kohno, Yohei Kobayashi
Stage ManagerNobuaki Oshika
Stage DesignItaru Sugiyama + Karasuya
Special DeviceTakeshi Ishiguro
SoundToshihiro Dooka
LightingYasukazu Miyajima (RYU)
CostumeKyoko Domoto
Technical CoordinatorHideya Seki (RYU)
Advertising ArtYujiro Sagami
Production CoordinatorYuna Tajima
Produced byChiten
Co-produced byKyoto Experiment
Supported byJapan Arts Fund and EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee, Kyoto Art Center “Artist in Studios” Program
Co-Presented byKyoto Experiment, ART COMPLEX 1928
Presented byChiten (LLC.)