Chissainon, Okkiinon, Futtoinon (Little, Big and Chubby)

The first ever work by the three original members, the little, the big and the chubby, centers around the theme “blog”!?

This piece marks the debut at Kyoto Experiment for Kitamari, a choreographer and dancer, whose career has not ceased to move forward since 2006 when –while still a university student– she was nominated for the TOYOTA CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD. Some of the many works that Kitamari has produced in the last years include I was born, but… (2010), inspired by Ozu Yasujiro’s £lms, “KIKIKIKIKIKI’s Commissioned Performance” (2010), a project that recruited several choreographers to create pieces for company members, and Boku (2011), a piece performed by male actors and dancers. For this new piece, there will be only original members for the £rst time in the company’s history. The three performers began work on the piece on New Year’s Eve 2010, and it uses material they gathered on a blog. Are all of the words used to talk about everyday life a mere £ction on the net? Are they real? Right at the intersection between words and the body, the three performers, with their di´erent physical characteristics (Little, Big, Chubby) attempt to present a new kind of image and human £gure on the stage.

Auditorium, Kyoto Art Center
Kyoto, Japan


Dancer, choreographer, director and leader of “KIKIKIKIKIKI”, Kitamari started her career under the direction of Butoh dancer Masami Yurabe. From 2001 to 2005 she toured around 13 different cities in 6 countries, dancing with the Sennichimae Aozora Dance Club under the artistic name of Suzume (Sparrow). From 2002 she started dancing solo, and has presented pieces such as Hakoniwa, Haute Couture, Musume Dojoji, and Schoolgirl among others. In 2003 she founded the dance company “KIKIKIKIKIKI”, and since then has been combining her duties as choreographer, dancer and director. In 2006 she graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at Kyoto University of Art and Design. She received the Audience Prize for her choreographic work Beehive 007 at the “TOYOTA CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD” in 2008 as well as the Yokohama Award for Promising Young Artists at the “Yokohama Dance Collection R 2010 Yokohama Solo x Duo <Compétition> +” with her solo dance Schoolgirl. In 2010 she was selected to take part in the “Take a chance project”, a co-produced project by AI Hall and performing artists based in the Kansai Area, and has been producing about one new piece of work per year. In order to offer a more interesting vision of the body to a wider audience, she has been designing several forms of events and productions, thus moving away from the usual forms of staging. Since the beginning of 2011, she has started a quest to go beyond the name of a dance company and to share the global nature of performing arts with her audience. She has hit on a motif, “the true pleasure of seeing a live performance resides in the strength of the body”, which will inspire the creation of her forthcoming works.

Text, DirectionKitamari
Choreography, CastKitamari, Kyoko Nobuchi, Yuka Hanamoto
Stage ManagerShuji Hamamura
SoundYasutaka Kobayakawa
LightingRie Uomori
Supported byAsahi Beer Arts Foundation
Co-produced byKyoto Experiment
Presented byKIKIKIKIKIKI, Kyoto Experiment