Kunio Sugihara / KUNIO

Angels in America Part 1: Millennium Approaches / Part 2: Perestroika

One of the most energetic young directors of today tries his hand at one of the most legendarily lengthy productions in the history of American theater. The total duration is more than 7h!!

The multitalented Kunio Sugihara, known as the executive director of “Summit” at Komaba Agora Theater and concept planner of “FRINGE” at KYOTO EXPERIMENT, finally makes his first appearance with his own company “KUNIO” at KYOTO EXPERIMENT 2011. With the company, he has wrestled with texts from all ages and cultures. Examples include The Chairs (2008 / Eugene Ionesco), Rent House at 132 / A dog must not be chained (2008 / Kunio Kishida) and Labyrinthe (2009 / Fernando Arrabal). And this time, he attempts Angels in America by Tony Kushner, the masterpiece that won a Tony Award and the Pulitzer Prize, in addition to being chosen as one of “the ten greatest theater pieces of the 20th century” by London’s National Theater. The production includes a re-creation of part 1: Millennium Approaches that won honorable mention at Kyoto Art Center Perfoming Arts Award 2009 and part 2: Perestroika. How would that 7 hour long masterpiece and hallmark of American theater history, be represented today?

Auditorium, Kyoto Art Center
Part 1: 210min. Part 2: 240min.
Kyoto, Japan

Kunio Sugihara/KUNIO

Director, Stage Designer
Born in Tokyo in 1982, Sugihara grew up in Chigasaki, Kanagawa.
A member of EXILE’s Fan Club “EX FAMILY”.
Graduated from the department of performing arts at Kyoto University of Art and Design, Sugihara started his career as stage director and stage designer while he was a student. Without being part of any particular company, he has directed a wide range of projects. His work is known to keep a £ne balance of sassy-ness and pop-ness.
2003 Jun: Debuted with “teuto” vol.2 Adore
2004: Founded own company “KUNIO” that allowed him to carry out various projects.
2004 Jun: KUNIO 01 The Pelicans (Text: Raymond Radiguet)
2006 May: yotsuya-kaidan (Text:Nanboku Tsuruya) by “KINOSHITA・KABUKI”
*KINOSHITA・KABUKI is a company that explores new interpretations of works from the traditional Kabuki repertoire. Sugihara has directed 3 more works for them since yotsuya-kaidan.
2006 Dec: KUNIO 02 NIPPON WARS (Text: Takeshi Kawamura)
2008: Chosen for AI HALL’s co-produced project “Take a chance project”.
2008 Feb: KUNIO 03 The Chairs (Text: Eugene Ionesco)
2009 Jan: KUNIO 05 Labyrinthe (Text: Fernando Arrabal)
2009 Apr: “A 14-year-old who doesn’t snap ♥ returns” A country of 14 year-old (Text: Akio Miyazawa)
2009 Sep: KUNIO 06 Angels in America Part 1: Millennium Approaches won honorable mention at Kyoto Art Center Perfoming Arts Award 2009
2009 Nov: “teuto” dance performance So-Gu
2010 May: “KINOSHITA・KABUKI” Kanjincho
2010 Sep: KUNIO 07 CULTURAL FESTIVAL, his £rst original work, was well received.
2011 Jan: M☆3 KOINOITAMI ~come on! ITAMI~
With “love to party” spirit, Sugihara is broadening the range of his work with projects such as spending two-years as the director of the Performing Arts Festival “Summit”, organized by Komaba Agora Theater since “Winter Summit
2008”, and being the concept planner of FRINGE “HAPPLAY♥” at Kyoto Experiment 2010.

TextTony Kushner
Direction, Stage DesignKunio Sugihara
TranslationMie Yoshida
CastYu Tanaka, Kiichiro Sawamura (Knit Cap Theater), Wakako Sakahara, Yuya Tanaka (Shigeki Nakano+Frankens), Takuzo Matsuda (Amagasaki roman porno), Sadayume Ikeura (Oniku du Soleil), Shogo Shinomiya, Masakazu Morita (Amagasaki roman porno)
Stage ManagerHijiri Nishida
LightingRie Uomori
SoundManabu Saito
VideoHosei Yoshida
CostumeNobuaki Ueda
Set Design TeamMio Kusunoki, Yui Matsumoto
TicketingShoko Abe (righteye)
Assistant DirectorAki Mitsui
Production CoordinatorWakako Tsuchiya
Produced byKUNIO
Co-Produced byKYOTO EXPERIMENT (Part 2)
SupportedJapan Arts Fund (Part 1), Kyoto Art Center “Artist in Studios” Program
Co-Presented byKYOTO EXPERIMENT (Part 1)
Presented byKUNIO (Part 1), Kyoto Experiment (Part 2)