Marcelo Evelin/Demolition Inc. + Núcleo Do Dirceu

Matadouro (Slaughterhouse)

Trajectory of thoughts through a body. Impulsive new generation of contemporary dance from Brazil.

Marcelo Evelin, one of Brazil’s great talents, makes his Japanese debut with his latest work, which premiered last autumn. Matadouro is the last installment of the trilogy based on Os Sertões, an epic novel by Brazilian writer: Euclides da Cunha –the first and second parts were Sertão (2003) and Bull Dancing (2006). In its exploration, the body emerges as a metaphor of such conflicts as “official vs outcast”,“savagery vs civilized” and “specified territory vs a globalized world”. The eight performers transform into a labor worker, an Indio, a happy person, a group of sleazy carnival fellows and a rogue at a farm. They crisscross the stage for the whole 60 minutes of the performance and push the battle to saturation point. The dancers embody compelling responses to contemporary Brazil.

Auditorium, Former Rissei Elementary School
Teresina, Brazil

Marcelo Evelin

Marcelo Evelin is today a front runner in the fields of dance, performance and political action in contemporary Brazilian arts. Choreographer, researcher and performer, Evelin has been living and working in Europe since 1986, where he works with dance and physicaltheater and has collaborated with professionals of different fields, nationalities and backgrounds. He is a resident creator at Hetveem Theater, in Amsterdam, with his company “Companhia Demolition Inc.”. He teaches improvisation and composition at Mime School in Amsterdam. Since 2006, he splits his time between Amsterdam and hishometown of Teresina, in Piaui, where he coordinates the collective Núcleo do Dirceu.

CreationAlexandre Santos, Andrez Lean Ghizze, Cipo’ Alvarenga, Fagao,Fa’bio Crazy da Silva, Izabelle Frota, Jaap Lindijer, Jacob Alves, Josh S.,Layane Holanda, Marcelo Evelin, Regina Veloso, Se’rgio Caddah, Silvia Sote
Supported byFUNARTE Grant (2008), Law of Incentive of the State Government of Piauí/SIEC/FUNDAC
Produced byStudio of the Núcleo Do Dirceu in Teresina/Piauí, Artistic residence in the Hetveem Theater of Amsterdam, Choreographic Center of Rio de Janeiro
Co-Presented byRissei/Cultural City Steering Committee
Presented byKyoto Experiment


  • Marcelo Evelin / Demolition Inc.

    Suddenly everywhere is black with people

  • Marcelo Evelin / Demolition Incorporada, Sick Dance, 2017, ROHM Theatre Kyoto. Photo by Mauricio Pokemon

    Marcelo Evelin / Demolition Incorporada

    Sick Dance