Tsuyoshi Shirai / Kyoto Art Center “Theatre Project 2009”

still life

Like a painter sketching a vessel on the table, Shirai whispers to the folds of our perceptions through the art of still life that is dance. This is Tsuyoshi Shirai’s cool rebellion.

Tsuyoshi Shirai has calmly yet insistently produced revolutionary work that challenges existing dance. With Kyoto Ar t Center’s theater program “Theatre Project”, Shirai pushed the frontier with blueLion (2009) and still life (2010). For KYOTO EXPERIMENT 2011, he introduces a further developed version of still life, the grand sum of his Kyoto work. “When one is devoted to describing something that is present in the moment of dance, dance exceeds the dancer’s ego and touches infinity” says, Shirai. still life is an ambitious work which attempts to look into the abyss of “dance” with precision and a bold subtraction. It plays with a dynamism of perception that allows the performance to elude the landing site of interpretation, avoiding meaning and drama, and just quietly arraying movements.

Auditorium, Kyoto Art Center
Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan

Tsuyoshi Shirai

1996~2000: Member of “Kim Itoh + Glorious Future”
1998: Founded “Study of Live works BANETO”.
2000: Received “Bagnolet International Choreography Award”.
2004: Performed in Devil’s Story choreographed by Yuri Ng (Hong Kong) adapted from Stravinsky’s A soldier’s Tale.
2005: Performed in Kin-Jiki (Forbidden Colors) by Kim Itoh based on Yukio Mishima’s novel.
2006: Received the Next Generation Choreographer Award in “TOYOTA CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD”. Founded “AbsT” and created Shihani – subsoil and THECO. Collaborated with “Arditti Quartet”.
2007: Performed in true, created by 10 artists, including Takayuki Fujimoto from Dumb Type, and toured Japan and abroad.
Received “JaDaFo Dance Award”.
2009: Created and performed blueLion in Kyoto.
2010: Created and performed still life in Kyoto.
2010-11: Collaborated with Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) with video project, Choreography filmed: 5 days of movement. Currently showing the work at http://c-filmed.ycam.jp and exploring the potential for dance online.
2011: Performed in the exhibition space of the Laszlo Moholy-Nagy retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, Hayama.

Concept, Direction, ChoreographyTsuyoshi Shirai
DanceNaoya Aoki, Minako Suzuki, Kikue Takagi, Hideaki Takeuchi, Tsuyoshi Shirai
Stage ManagerMasaya Natsume
Stage DesignItaru Sugiyama + Karasuya
SoundMitsunori Miyata
LightingYukiko Yoshimoto
CostumeAtsuko Kiyokawa
Production CoordinatorYoko Kawasaki (Kyoto Art Center), Nagara Wada
Grand ConceptYusuke Hashimoto, Shigeki Marui
Produced byKyoto Art Center “Theatre Project 2009”
Presented byKyoto Experiment