Tadasu Takamine

Japan Syndrome step 1 – The other end of the ball

Hello Brazil. Thank you Japan.

Tadasu Takamine has continued to push the horizon of multimedia art with video, performance, stage direction and installation etc. His wide range of media and the emotions he explores in his art are not easily grasped, but attract us for the same reason. This time, Takamine goes to Brazil for one month in the summer (winter in Brazil) with his family. How will this experience effect his life? Will he come back? If not, why? If yes, to where? This is the first production of the 3 year project, taking the form of an exhibition inspired by his first residence.

Kyoto Art Center Gallery

Tadasu Takamine

Takamine works in various media such as performance, video, installation and more. Known for his social commentary on US imperialism, sexual issues of the disabled, foreigners residing in Japan and migrant workers, he reveals the conflict and dissension in society: nationality, gender and language etc, through his own body. Without being vociferous, his art uncovers the power and oppression that lies at the bottom of discrimination and prejudice. Although in his recent work, including stage direction, his own body is not visually present, the presence a human spirit that resists uniformity, and a fanatic relationship of trust are always perceptible in Takamine’s work, no matter who he collaborates with.

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