Zachary Oberzan

Your brother. Remember?

A brilliant remix of home videos, Hollywood film and live performance. How different are these lives? Could this story have turned out the other way around?

His first own solo performance project by Zachary Oberzan, also known as a member of NY based company “Nature Theater Oklahoma”, makes its Japanese debut. As kids in rural America, Zachary and his older brother Gator loved making parodies of their favorite films, most notably Jean-Claude Van Damme’s karate opus Kickboxer, and the notorious cult film Faces of Death. Then twenty years passed. Estranged from his family, Zack returned to his childhood home to re-create these films, shot for shot, as precisely as possible. Through their subtle mix of home video, Hollywood film footage and live performance, the audience will discover the brothers’ relationship. One of them became a reputable actor who earns his living on stage and on screen. The other hit the rocks and did some time in prison, where he saw acting as the “art of manipulation”. The question is: could things have turned out otherwise? After its premier at Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2010 in Brussels and a world tour, this great piece, which never fails to make the audience burst out laughing and cry, comes to Kyoto.


Zachary Oberzan

Zachary Oberzan is an original member of theater collective “Nature Theater of Oklahoma”, based in New York City. With Nature Theater, he has collaborated and performed in numerous productions, including Poetics: a ballet brut, the Obie-winning No Dice, and the one-man show Rambo Solo. His feature film Flooding with Love for The Kid (an adaptation of the novel First Blood, which introduced the world to the character of Rambo) is a one-man cinematic war shot and edited in its entirety by Zachary (portraying all 26 roles) in his 220 square foot apartment in Manhattan. It is currently screening in theaters, art institutes and film festivals in North America and Europe. He has performed with The Wooster Group and Richard Foreman, and released two albums of songs, most recently Athletes of Romance.

TextZachary & Gator Oberzan
Concept, DirectionZachary Oberzan
CastZachary Oberzan (Featuring Gator Oberzan on video)
Assistant Director, Tour ManagementNicole Schuchardt
Light, Sound, Video TechnicianDavid Lang, Thomas Barcal
Co-produced byKunstenfestivaldesarts 2010, Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Grand Theater Groningen and brut Wien
Co-Presented byART COMPLEX 1928
Presented byKyoto Experiment