ASA-CHANG & Junray

NEW Aoiro Theater

A bold pilgrimage (Junrei) of musicians to the Art of Performance begins!? A renewed ASA-CHANG & Junray is unveiled in Kyoto!!

ASA-CHANG & Junray are ready for their world premiere at Kyoto Experiment. ASA-CHANG & Junray is a music group formed around unique percussionist and drummer ASA-CHANG. Besides various collaborations with musicians such as Kyoko Koizumi, CHARA and UA, this group’s original aesthetic sense and worldview include a custom-made sound system and special costumes. Their performance has been highly acclaimed in Europe as well as Japan. And their collaboration with contemporary dancers for their music video has drawn worldwide attention. This year, with the addition of two new members, the renovated ASA-CHANG & Junray will see its first performance. In addition to dancers such as Nagisa Sugao, Masaru Kakio, Mineko Saito, Minako Suzuki and Pijin Neji, this work will also welcome ANI from hip-hop band Scha Dara Parr.

Auditorium, Kyoto Art Center


ASA-CHANG moved to Tokyo to pursue a career as a hair and make-up artist. He became an assistant to Sablo Watanabe and a member of the hair and make-up staff at SASHU. From the mid to late 1980s he worked for Olive, anan and Cutie and various other fashion magazines, as well as with cuttingedge idols and TV stars of the time such as Kyoko Koizumi, Masahiro Motoki and Mami Yamase. In 1989 he debuted as percussionist and bandleader of the Tokyo Ska Pardise Orchestra. Although a founding member of TSPA, in 1993 he decided to leave the band and go freelance. Although his peculiar live performances had already gathered a large amount of attention since his time as a member of the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, thanks to his many independent work sessions he started to become renowned as a drummer and percussionist. His work ranges from Latin influenced percussion to Indian/Asian drums, music with toys, other odds and ends, and synthesizer sounds, which has become the base for a very peculiar approach to music and an original playing style. As a percussionist, he has the dynamism of a unique beat that is both powerful and subtle, which has earned him great popularity among various artists. In his multiple and well-recognized activities he moves easily between avant-garde and pop, and is simultaneously active as a composer, arranger and producer.

MusicASA-CHANG&Junray (ASACAHNG, Yoshihiro Goseki, Anzu Suhara)
Concept, DirectionASA-CHANG, Nagisa Sugao
Choreography,DanceNagisa Sugao, Masaru Kakio, Mineko Saito
DanceANI, Minako Suzuki, Pijin Neji
LightingMasayoshi Takada (RYU)
Stage DesignUJINO, Hiromi Okuda
CostumeMakoto Anjiki
VideoYu Yoshida
SoundToshihiko Kasai
Stage ManagerMasaya Natsume
Productionprecog, In cooperation with BIWAKEI Studio
Produced byASA-CHANG&Junray
Co-Produced byKyoto Experiment
Presented byKyoto Experiment