Billy Cowie

Tango de Soledad / The Revery Alone/ In the Flesh

3D projection of a film of dance. The work asks us “what is the meaning of live performance?”

A female dancer dances along to the melancholy “Tango No.3” and a recited poem. Looking through stereoscopic glasses, the audience sees the image as if the dancer is right in front of their eyes. Cowie, from Scotland, works broadly in dance, theater and film. His work has been invited not only to international dance festivals but also to art exhibitions. And Cowie’s latest installation work, Tango de Soledad, will come to Kyoto Experiment 2012 together with his other recent works: The Revery Alone and In the Flesh. Projecting film of a live performance in a 3D setting, dance, was once captured only in two dimensional media, is now enacted as a three-dimensional body. Seemingly a long way around, the absence of a real body reassures us of the physicality of the dancer. Incorporating the ceiling and floor as part of the projection, Cowie uses the nature of image-media to its best advantage.

North and South Gallery, Kyoto Art Center

Billy Cowie

He works principally in the area of installation and screen dance. He has completed five major screen projects (two BBC Dance for Camera commissions and two ACE Capture projects and a Channel 4 commission). A book about his work entitled Anarchic Dance was published by Routledge in January 2006. He is currently Principal Research Fellow at the University of Brighton.

Tango de Soledad
Direction, ChoreographyBilly Cowie
DancerAmy Hollingsworth
CelloWei-Tsen Lin
Spanish Voice, TranslationClara Garcia Fraile
Japanese Voice, TranslationMiwa Monden
DrawingsSilke Mansholt
CostumeHolly Murray
LightingAdam Hooper
Production managerVictoria Melody, Filmed at the Nightingale, Brighton 2010
Commissioned bySouth East Dance
Supported byJerwood Charitable Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
The Revery Alone
Direction, Choreography, CompositionBilly Cowie
PerformerEleonore Ansari
In the Flesh
Direction, Choreography, Music, TextBilly Cowie
Art directionSilke Mansholt
PerformerSara Popowa
English VoiceSilke Mansholt
Japanese Voice, TranslationMiwa Monden
Supported byArts Council England and the University of Brighton Faculty of Arts and Communication Research Fund
Presented byKyoto Experiment