Choy Ka Fai

“Notion: Dance Fiction” and“Soft Machine”

The latest media art closes in on dancers! A multi media creator from Singapore experiments in the space between reality and fiction.

Ka Fai is a cross-disciplinary artist. He works beyond the realm of dance, visual art, theater and whatever else one might think of. He is quick to grasp a new and contemporary movement shared around the world and creates evocative work based on it. Notion: Dance Fiction attempts to reenact the choreography of dance legends such as Pina Bausch and Tatsumi Hijikata, controlling body movements by passing electric current through dancers’ muscles. He transplants vast amount of movement data from the history of dance to the single body of Misako Terada, a choreographer and dancer, who has experienced so many varied forms of movement. Theoretically, maybe, but is it really possible? It seems like something from the world of science fiction. In Soft Machine, Ka Fai interviews dancers and choreographers in order to carefully unearth the memories secretly hiding in their bodies. Through close collaboration with Yuya Tsukahara from “contact Gonzo”, the work brings out personal memories at first but gradually reveals a larger picture; what is dance? Professing, his early influences from Dumbtype, Ka Fai’s approach is experimental and actual. He explores the subjective notion of contemporary dance in his double bill performance.

Notion: Dance Fiction
Notion: Dance Fiction is a demonstration performance exploring the possibilities of muscle memory as a digital form for recording, playback and real-time mapping of movement-based technique. Inspired by the evolution of dance history in the last century, the performance attempt to install digital muscle memory implants from a selection of iconic dance movement vocabulary into a singular body as it learn, adapt and recreate within the multiplex of kinesics expression.

Soft Machine
The “Soft Machine” project is a nomadic dance research studio exploring the ontology of contemporary dance in Asia. Driven by a personal desire to study the choreographic process of contemporary dance in the last decade, the project seeks to carry out research, preservation and experiments across various cities in Asia, in an attempt to map out the historical lineages and possible futures of contemporary dance in Asia.

Multi-purpose Hall, Kyoto Art Center
English with Japanese subtitles and consecutive interpretation


Ka Fai Choy is an artist, performance maker and speculative designer. He is inspired by the stories of history and speculations of the future, and his research often stems from a desire to understand the conditions of the human body. These conditions would then coalesce into new narratives at intersection of art, design and technology. He graduated from the Royal College Of Art London (Design Interaction) and was conferred the Singapore Young Artist Award 2010. He was the associate artistic director of TheatreWork Singapore from 2007-2009 and was the core member of artist collective- Kill Your Television from 2002-2009. He had participated in various art festivals worldwide including, 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale (2005), Edinburgh International Festival (2009) and the Singapore Art Festival (2012).

Notion:Dance Fiction
Concept, Direction, MultimediaKa Fai Choy
Performance, ChoreographyMisako Terada
Live TranslatorYuya Tsukahara (contact Gonzo)
Lighting Design, Technical DirectionAndy Lim (stage ‘LIVE’)
Initial development of the project is supportedSTUK Art Center
Design InteractionRoyal College of Art, London, UK
Soft Machine
ConceptKa Fai Choy
Creation, performanceKa Fai Choy and Yuya Tsukahara (contact Gonzo)
Supported byDance Box Residency Program 2011, Art Theatre dB KOBE
Co-Produced byKyoto Experiment, “Soft Machine project”
Supported byThe Arts Creation Funds, National Arts Council, Singapore
Presented byKyoto Experiment


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