Kunio Sugihara


As a fringe project, Kyoto Experiment 2012 introduces the work of young emerging artists at the Former Rissei Elementary School for three weeks. Under the direction of Kunio Sugihara, two theater spaces are created, based on this year’s theme “sky”. The floor of the music room is covered by a painting of the sky and the auditorium takes on the same setting as Sarachi (Vacant Lot ) by KUNIO. How do the artists creatively approach such specific spaces!?

I sometime get confused about the idea of “freedom”. Because I think it can only exist in the realm of “captivity”. For example, when someone tells you to “spend your time freely” in a room, you can only do it to the extent that the things in the restricted space allow. That makes me wonder if “free” is a condition
that is indeed highly captive. I keep saying that theater is the best playground you could imagine. And to play hard and seriously in the playground is what theatrical performance is all
about. I still think so. But sometime I am struck by this impulse that I want to PLAY more freely. That’s how I decided to create a much more restricted playground for this year’s FRINGE programs. The two spaces constructed under the theme of “sky” at the former Rissei Elementary School must be pretty inconvenient for the artists to deal with. Yet, because of it, I believe a new sense of freedom will be brought to life.

Are you ready? To share a HAPPY♥ and FREE time with an audience that comes to step in the same playground is the essence of theater performance and how I wish theater to be. Please come and play!! And make sure you give it everything you’ve got when you come!!!!

“PLAYdom➚”Concept: Kunio Sugihara

Theater Co. Kyouei-Mizugi
9.28(Fri) – 9.29(Sat)
Music Room

Special Theater vol.8 Fusako Toriyama and the people around the incredible Benedict
10.2 (Tue) – 10.5 (Fri)
Music Room

10.5 (Fri) – 10.9 (Tue)

Nippon no Kasen
Daichi wo Tsukamu Ryouashi to Monogatari
10.6 (Sat) – 10.10 (Wed)
Music Room

Oniku du Soleil
Beverly Hills Cop starting the Leader of Oniku du soleil
10.11 (Thu) – 10.13 (Sat)

Happiness is always small and Tokyo is larger than it.
10.13 (Sat) – 10.16 (Tue)
Music Room

Canned Coke
10.18 (Thu) – 10.21 (Sun)
Music Room

come flying・landing・hors d’oeuvre
10.18 (Thu) – 10.21 (Sun)

Former Rissei Elementary School
ConceptKunio Sugihara
Stage ManagerMasaya Ishida
Co-Presented byRissei Cultural City Steering Committee