Domestic progress 1.2.3

Overwhelming heat from the stage swallows the audience. A drama about the body beyond its mundane physicality.

After introducing the company’s first piece, The perfect layout of the purewhite soup plate, in 2010, Baobab has shown -Relax KYOTO- in 2011 and ~come flying・landing・hors d’oeuvre~ in 2012 at Kyoto Experiment’s fringe program. This is their long-awaited debut in the official program. Company members, Wataru Kitao, who conceptualizes, choreographs and directs all the work, Fuyuko Mezawa and Saori Yoneda are all J.F. Oberlin University alumni. They collaborate with other dancers, actors and other talents on a project-basis. Making no secret of the essential joy of dance, Kitao’s positive performance has won the Audience Award at Toyota Choreography Award 2012 and attracted a large audience. Their motto is to develop “muscle for survival”. It has formed into an instinctive yet intellectual choreography and performance. Using our ordinary bodies, retaining the human developmental process, as a foothold, Baobab throws us into an overwhelming realm of the body. This new work fully showcases Baobab’s bold concept. Having their residency in Kyoto over the summer, it is thrilling to see how far they will leap.

Auditorium, Former Rissei
Elementary School


Wataru Kitao creates the overall concept, and is in charge of choreography and directions. Company members, Fuyuko Mezawa and Saori Yoneda runs administrative work with him. The company works with different talents from various genres for every piece and boldly empowers everyone, whether experienced or not, to dance. It has participated in performing arts festivals such as Kyoto Experiment Fringe Program and Komaba Agora Theater Summer Festival -PAN-. Baobab strives to promote the world of dance through organizing the performance event as well as various dance workshops for beginners. Kitao won the Audience Award at the Toyota Choreography Award 2012 and took second place at the CONDORS Choreography Competition 2010.

Choreography & directionWataru Kitao
CastTomo Mizukoshi, Yu Okamoto (TABATHA), Akane Murata, Masataka Uchiumi, Yoshie Hanji, Ayaka Suzuki, Ken Oishi (monophonic orchestra), Masashi Koyama, Ayako Yamashita, Wataru Kitao, Saori Yoneda, Fuyuko Mezawa
Visual jockeyMinnausotsuki (Tatsuro Nishikawa, Emi Otome)
CostumeRyoko Ishino
MusicTaro Okada (warui-shibai)
Advertising artYu Okamoto (TABATHA)
Production coordinatorFuyuko Mezawa
SoundMitsunori Miyata
LightingReiko Kawashima
Stage managerMasaya Ishida
Co-productionKyoto Experiment
Supported byAsahi Group Arts Foundation, TOYOTA Creation Space Project
Co-presented byRissei Cultural City Streering Committee
Presented byKyoto Experiment