Billy Cowie

“Art of Movement” and “Dark Rain”

Live and virtual 3D dancers intertwine!? A reconsideration of the definition of “live performance”.

Billy Cowie’s 3D video installation at Kyoto Experiment 2012, in which the audience could feel the breathing and subtle muscle movements of the dancers, gave birth to a new dance experience. Filming dance performance and projecting it in three-dimensions is a seemingly roundabout approach, yet accompanied by superimposed drawings, music and spoken word, the work evokes a whole new and different sensation from live performance. In 2012, Billy launched his new production in Kyoto with three local dancers (Tomohiko Kyogoku, Yumiko Minami, Sanae Kuroko). His most recent work will premiere internationally at Kyoto Experiment 2013. It will be shown in the form of stage performance in addition to the 3D video installation in the gallery. The piece addresses various issues such as the difference between 3D image and live performance, the singularity of stage performance, and the marriage of technology and the human body among others. Definitely, a must-see experiment.

South Gallery, Kyoto Art Center

Auditorium, Kyoto Art Center

Billy Cowie

Billy Cowie is a Scottish choreographer, composer and filmmaker. He works principally in the area of dance/theatre performance, screen dance and installation. He has made over twenty live performance pieces (in collaboration with Liz Aggiss) for Divas Dance Theatre and he has completed six major screen projects (two BBC Dance for Camera commissions ‘Beethoven in Love’ and ‘Motion Control’ and three ACE Capture projects ‘Anarchic Variations’, ‘Men in the Wall’ and ‘Doppelgänger’ and a Channel 4 commission ‘Break’). A book with DVD about this work entitled Anarchic Dance was published by Routledge in January 2006. His novel Passenger is published in UK, Italy (title Due in Uno) and France (title L’incluse). His stereoscopic dance installation works have been screened in over twenty countries on six continents and were featured in the British Council Showcases at the Edinburgh Festival in 2009/2011, TPAM 2010, Caravan Showcase in Brighton Festival 2010, British Dance Edition 2012 at Laban and Kyoto Experiment 2012. He is currently a Principal Research Fellow in the School of Arts at the University of Brighton.

Art of Movement
Choreography & directionBilly Cowie
DancerTomohiko Kyogoku, Yumiko Minami, [Featuring Kaori Ito and Shintaro Oue on video]
DrawingsSilke Mansholt
CostumeHolly Murray
VoiceLucie Robson and Cathryn Robson
TrancelationMiwa Monden
Dark Rain
Choreography & DirectionBilly Cowie
DancerTomohiko Kyogoku, Yumiko Minami
DrawingsSilke Mansholt
CostumeHolly Murray
Co-productionKyoto Experiment
Supported byArts Council England
Presented byKyoto Experiment


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