Kein Licht. (No Light.)

A landscape woven by voice, light and bodies. Does it proclaim the end? Or hope?

Launching their studio UNDER-THROW in Kitashirakawa, Kyoto and presenting their work on a regular basis, Chiten has not only established a distinct style of performance and its own ticketing system, but also speaks to an international audience directly from Kyoto – as if it’s their manifesto on the public nature of theater. For their fourth appearance at Kyoto Experiment, instead of premiering new work as it did the last three years, Chiten introduces a piece shown at Festival/Tokyo 12, the critically acclaimed Kein Licht.

While the original text is written by Elfriede Jelinek, the Austrian Nobel Prize-winner, as an homage to 3.11, Chiten reinterprets it in their own particular theatrical vernacular, a unique style of language which has been described as “Chitenese”. Being a rare example of Chiten working with a contemporary text, the work questions the boundary between the voice of the actors and the voice of the dead – where the agency lies. Together with a live “sound machine” by Masahiro Miwa and space designed by Junpei Kiz, an overwhelmingly intense environment where sound/voice/body countervail each other emerges. The light of enlightenment leading to a state in which there is no light of hope. What we see on stage is beyond our imagination.

Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza
Kyoto, Japan
TextElfriede Jelinek
TranslationTatsuki Hayashi
DirectionMotoi Miura (Chiten)
Music directionMasahiro Miwa
CastSatoko Abe, Dai Ishida, Koji Ogawara, Shie Kubota, Saki Kohno, Yohei Kobayashi (all for Chiten)
ChorusYuko Asahiyama, Asuka Imai, Takuya Oi, Kazuki Ohata, Noriko Komura, Shigeto Nakanishi, Aiko Noguchi, Hayama, Midori Matsuyama, Yui Murata, Yoshiya Yoshimitsu, Tomomi Yonezu
Stage designJunpei Kiz
CostumesKyoko Domoto
Lighting designShinichiro Oishi (KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre)
Lighting operationMari Iwata (KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre)
Sound designReiko Tokuhisa (KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre)
Sound operationYuhei Inazumi (KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre)
Stage managerEiho Yamaguchi (KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre)
Assistant stage managerMitsuaki Adachi
Technical managerMahito Horiuchi (KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre)
Production coordinatorAya Komori, Yuna Tajima (all for Chiten)
ProductionFestival/Tokyo, Chiten (premiere)
Co-production for 2014 versionKyoto Experiment
Presented byKyoto Experiment


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