contact Gonzo

xapaxnannan: Our future sports

Part performing arts, part sports, a spectacle unfolds at an enormous stadium

contact Gonzo has fascinated people with their fierce body contact performance and expanded their repertoire to include art installations and more. Collaborating with photographer Takashi Honma or presenting work in which only the sound of their performance is played on multichannel speakers as a performance piece, contact Gonzo deliberately jumps across the boundary of “performance” with their penetrating intellect and bold moves. For their first appearance at Kyoto Experiment, the group presents their new work at Nishikyogoku Stadium, the home of Kyoto Sanga F.C.. Inspired by the performance of athletes who exhibit inordinate physicality within certain restrictions or rules, they see a possible link between sports and performing arts. Even so, how are they going to make their show at such an enormous stadium with over 20,000 seats work? Internationally acclaimed band Nisennenmondai will support them with their live music. Ever since ancient Rome’s Colosseum to today’s Olympics, people have been fascinated by the activities at stadiums. It is their approach to explore why human movement attracts people so. The outcome is still unknown.

Nishikyogoku Stadium
Osaka, Japan
Conceptcontact Gonzo
Performercontact Gonzo, Nisennenmondai and others
SoundBunsho Nishikawa
Productioncontact Gonzo
Co-productionKyoto Experiment
Supported byThe Saison Foundation
Presented byKyoto Experiment


  • Tomomi Adachi & contact Gonzo

    Teslan Run