Tadasu Takamine

Japan Syndrome –step 3 “Outside of the ball”

The conclusion to the three-year series examining a rapidly changing Japan

Tadasu Takamine has developed his Japan Syndrome series throughout his participation in Kyoto Experiment since 2011. Inspired by the film The China Syndrome, the artist illustrates the ambience of upheaval in post-3.11 Japan in the series. What is it that art can do in relation to the radioactive issues which will most likely continue to damage the foundation of Japanese society for years to come? Japan Syndrome has adopted different styles in order to reflect the political as well as social atmosphere of the times. 2011’s The other end of the ball was a video installation examining the Brazil that exists “behind” the Japan we think we know, a theme continued in 2012 with the performance Inside of the ball. The artist next cooly visualized the effects of radiation through a series of films shot in Kansai, Yamaguchi and Mito. And then in Berlin version in 2013, the plaza in front of Kyoto City Hall was turned into a wild dance floor. This year, as the final phase of the series, Takamine presents a theater play. His work for us in the autumn of 2014 will likely bring to the fore issues that have hovered in the background for sometime without being confronted and will demonstrate not just a present analysis but a message for the future.

Auditorium, Former Rissei Elementary School
Concept and directionTadasu Takamine
CastKiyoko Kashiwagi, Masayo Kajimura, Daiji Meguro
LightingFumie Takahara
SoundBunsho Nishikawa
VideoJunji Nakaue
Stage managerMasaya Ishida
Technical coordinatorSo Ozaki
Production coordinatorYukako Ogura
ProductionKyoto Experiment
Co-presented byRissei Cultural City Steering Committee
Presented byKyoto Experiment


  • Tadasu Takamine

    Japan Syndrome step 1 – The other end of the ball

  • Tadasu Takamine

    Japan Syndrome – step2 "Inside of the ball”"

  • Tadasu Takamine

    Japan Syndrome -Berlin version