Yoshiro Hatori

Fringe: The Useful Program 2014

With the concept of “Theater is useful”, the program aims through various kinds of activities to examine what “theater”, a word we use in everyday conversation means, what it is made of, and what it means to be “useful”. Each of the performances in the program includes instructions and by implementing them, “theater” comes about. The instructions are also intended to be able to be performed by different people in different contexts. The performance program is in no sense a showcase merely to be appreciated. It is something to be disseminated and used. Each idea has the potential to be developed further when audiences encounter the artists’ concepts and artistic strategies through the workshops in the program. The documents to be published after the festival period will include the plans for the workshops. Along with the instructions, the plans will form clues for audiences to understand what is happening behind each
work. This year will deal with various themes shown in Miss Machiko, a Japanese manga series (see above), and reexamine the eponymous character’s hometown of Kyoto. Proposed by Yoshiro Hatori and selected as a Fringe program at the Open Presentation event in October 2012, this is the second year of the program. Come and enjoy these challenging works.
Yoshiro Hatori

Tomoki Yamauchi
Temporary Sustained Landscape
9.27 (Sat) – 10.5 (Sun)

Kagura Performance
9.27 (Sat), 10.4 (Sat)
Bijuu Gallery 

Tomoki Yamauchi
Garden as a stage. And its Ecosystem
9.28 (Sun), 10.3 (Fri)
Gardens in Kyoto City

Daisuke Muto + Dance Exchange @Kobe
“Post-colonial Choreographic Theory & Practice” Final Presentation
9.29 (Mon)
Kyoto Art Center

Mizuki Endo × Satoshi Hashimoto
10.10 (Fri) – 10.12 (Sun) 
Kyoto Municipal Science Center For Youth

A National Holiday: Sports Day
10.13 (Mon)

Kazunari Yonemitsu
Imagination and Word
10.18 (Sat)
Multi-purpose Hall, Kyoto Art Center

Bijuu Gallery, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto Municipal Science Center For Youth
Project membersMasako Immaki, Masato Eguchi, Yuichi Sasaki, Komiki Sato, Satoshi Nishizawa, Yoshiro Hatori, Hideyuki Mogi
Support BYuta Odashima, Marie Sugimoto, Sawako Nakagawa, Makoto Hamagami