Yukichi Matsumoto & Shinichiro Hayashi


Ishinha’s Yukichi Matsumoto directs hip-hop legend Sibitt in a script by Shinichiro Hayashi

Yukichi Matsumoto founded the Osaka-based theater company Ishinha in 1970 and is known for his bravado outdoor spectacles. In recent years he has also had hits directing Shuji Terayama’s Lemming and Kenji Nakagami’s Nineteen-Year-Old Jacob. Now he makes his long-awaited debut at Kyoto Experiment. Matsumoto will direct a script by Shinichiro Hayashi, the Kansai playwright who has twice won OMS Drama Prizes. Hayashi resides in Toyonaka, an Osaka satellite city, and his script was staged as a pre-opening event for Toyonaka City Arts Center, which opens in autumn 2016.

The title refers to puzzle games where a hole in a wall allows you to jump to another place. Specifically, Hayashi draws on the popular augmented reality game ingress, which turns the actual city into a game where players “capture” portals by visiting certain places. In his play Hayashi develops a theory of the city from the perspective of the satellite town. Substituting the gaze directed at the city at both micro and macro levels within the changing landscape between the satellite and the metropolis, the play weaves a map through sound and body. This project sets out to share a theater work across the Kyoto and Osaka region in order to revitalize the Kansai performing arts scene. Sibitt will play the main role for the Kyoto performances. As an MC for the hip-hop unit Origami and occasional poet, Sibitt’s unique voice will complete Matsumoto and Hayashi’s theatrical vision.

South Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto

Yukichi Matsumoto


Born in Kumamoto in 1946, Yukichi Matsumoto is a theater director who leads the theater company Ishinha. He majored in art at Osaka Kyoiku University and founded Ishinha in 1970. With the staging of the 1991 large-scale outdoor work Shonen-gai (“Boys Town”) in a container yard in Shiodome, Tokyo, he established his original style of theater known as “Jan-Jan Opera”. His work with Ishinha has attracted attention around Japan and internationally for its unique concept of “unspoken dialogue, undanced dance, and unsung music,” for its interaction with the performance site, and for the way the company members would build the theater with their own hands at each location. His major works include Keaton and Kokyukikai (Respiration Machine). He is also an active director outside of Ishinha, recently staging Shuji Terayama’s Lemming and Nineteen-Year-Old Jacob, based on the novel by Kenji Nakagami. He was awarded the Order of the Purple Ribbon in 2011.

TextShinichiro Hayashi
DirectionYukichi Matsumoto
CastSibitt, Eiji Oishi, Nanae Goto, Asami Suzuki, Aki Takeda, Akane Tada, Yuichi Fukuda, Mika Masuda, Morihiro Matsui, Sho Matsuda, Masashi Mori
Music and musical performanceKazuhisa Uchihashi
Stage designTakahiro Shibata
LightingYukiko Yoshimoto (Mahiru)
Lighting assistantSayaka Iwamoto
VideoKotaro Konishi
SoundTakenori Sato, Toru Koda
PropsMiho Nakanishi
CostumesYukiko Ibuki, Rio Matsunaga
Stage managerKazushi Ota
Publicity photography and designYuya Tsukahara, Takuya Matsumi (all for contact Gonzo)
In co-operation withAyumi Nara, Mina Tomijima, Akari Taniguchi, Shiho Oh, Mariko Yamasaki
Production coordinatorKanako Yamasaki, Tsubasa Shimizu
PlanningToyonaka City
Produced byIshinha / Kankara Co., Ltd.
Presented byKyoto Experiment