Darrell Jones



Oppression, transgression, transformation: An encounter between a very American dance and Japan

Inspired by voguing, the dance form popular in the gay club scene, choreographer and dancer Darrell Jones delves into his own identity in his work. Drawing on stereotypes about sexuality and its suppression, he creates a truly unique kind of physical expression. For this world premiere in Kyoto, Jones will bring two dancers and a DJ to Japan, where they will finish developing the new work.

The performance is part of U.S./Japan Connection, which Kyoto Experiment has participated in since 2014. The performing arts network builds opportunities for Japanese and American dance artists to share ideas by working side by side and collaborating in ways that deepen their respective endeavors.


Darrell Jones

Darrell Jones has performed in the United States and abroad with a variety of choreographers and companies such as Bebe Miller, Urban Bush Women, Ronald K. Brown, Min Tanaka, KOKUMA Dance Theater, and Ralph Lemon. Along with performing Darrell continues to choreograph and teach. He has collaborated with other choreographers (Paige Cunningham, Lisa Gonzales, Damon Green, Angie Hauser, JSun Howard, Kirstie Simpson, Jeremy Wade), writers (Cheryl Boyce-Taylor), musicians (Jessie Mano, Brian Schuler, Justin Mitchell) and designers (Mawish Syed) in dance films, documentations and interactive multimedia installations.
Darrell has received choreographic fellowships from MANCC (Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography), CDF (Chicago Dancemakers Forum) (2006) and is a two time Bessie award recipient (2005 and 2013) for his collaborative work with Bebe Miller Company and his most recent research in (e)feminized ritual performance. Darrell has also taught workshops and master classes in dance technique and improvisational processes throughout the United States and in other countries such as South Africa, UK, and South Korea.