Bouchra Ouizguen


A flock of crows descend on the city and occupy it as living sound sculptures

Bouchra Ouizguen is a choreographer based in Marrakesh. Fully self-taught as a dancer, she has worked with the likes of Mathilde Monnier and Boris Charmatz over the course of her career, and established Compagnie O in 2010 after working in a collective for several years in her city. Based on her interests in the position of women and artists in Moroccan society today, she develops a practice across performance as well as sound art and film.

A group of women appear clad all in black except for white scarves around their heads. Just as they have silently spread out over the space, suddenly they start swinging their heads and crying out. It is like a mass oscillation accompanied by piercing sounds that show no sign of ever stopping. This vista evokes the ritual trance practices in Marrakesh that have continued unbroken
for generations.

Since it was first staged in 2014, Corbeaux (meaning, “crows”) has been performed at cities all over the world, particularly at locations other than conventional theater spaces. With no separation between the stage and the seating, the audience stands right by these women who have become almost living sculptures of sound. For its Japanese premiere in Kyoto, the viewing experience will be just as intimate and intense. Ouizguen’s flock of crows is released into the city during Kyoto Experiment.

Nijo-jo Castle / Heian Jingu Shrine

Bouchra Ouizguen

Bouchra Ouizguen (b. 1980) is a Moroccan dancer and choreographer. Born in Ouarzazate, she currently lives and works in Marrakech. She co-founded the Anania association in 2002 and worked with the likes of Mathilde Monnier and Boris Charmatz among others, before founding her own company, O, in 2010. Her interest in societal issues, visual arts and popular arts in her country inform her work, which encompasses sound, performance and video. In 2010 she received the New Choreographic Talent award from Frances Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers (SACD) for her show Madame Plaza. In 2012, she created HA! for the Festival Montpellier Danse and performed it at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. This piece inspired the performance Corbeaux presented for the first time at the Marrakech Biennal in 2014. In 2015, she presented Ottof at the Festival Montpellier Danse and the Festival d’Automne. In 2017, she created Jerada for the dancers of Carte Blanche”, the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance.

Concept, Artistic DirectionBouchra Ouizguen
PerformersKabboura Aït Hmad, Fatima El Hanna, Halima Sahmoud, Fatna Ibn ElKhatyb, Khadija Amrhar, Malika Soukri, Milouda El Maataoui, Julie Viala, Joséphine Tilloy, Administration Mylène Gaillon
Supported byJapan Foundation for Regional Art Activities [New Vision – Performing Arts/ Gender / Society]
Presented byKyoto Experiment