Manuela Infante CHI-SEI. Opening Event

If the nonhuman can also have intelligence, what are the implications for theater? Chilean playwright and director Manuela Infante has recently produced work dealing with communication between plants and reversing the positions of human and object. She will explore how Japanese culture has regarded the potential intelligence of the nonhuman through diverse perspectives including philosophy, the native animistic religion of Shinto, and plants. Prior to beginning her research, she here introduces her project and discusses the theme with a specialist guest speaker.

Meeting Room 2, Kyoto Art Center
Japanese, English (with consecutive Japanese interpretation)

Manuela Infante

Born in 1980 Manuela Infante is a Chilean theater playwright, director, script writer and musician. Infante hold a BA in Arts from the University of Chile and a MA in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam.With her group Teatro de Chile (2002-2016) she wrote and directed numerous works with the support of the Chilean Funds for the Arts. Four of her plays have been published and translated into English and Italian and her work has toured internationally to the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Perú, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Singapore and Korea. She has produced work with Hebbel am Uffer, Festival de Modena, The Watermill Center, FIBA and FITAM. In 2015 she was the first woman to be appointed director of The National Festival for Dramaturgy (Muestra Nacional) in Chile. Following ZOO in 2016 SPRING, this will be the second time Infante participates in Kyoto Experiment.

Hiroshi Yoshioka

Hiroshi Yoshioka graduated from the Faculty of Letters at Kyoto University, where he also completed postgraduate studies. Following teaching posts at Konan University and the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, he is currently a professor at the Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University. His writings include Information and Life: The Brain, Computers, and the Universe (Shin-yo-sha, 1993) and The Present Tense of Thought: Complex Systems, Cyberspace, and Affordance(Kodansha, 1997). In addition to serving as editor-in-chief for the first eight issues of Diatxt., a journal of criticism published by Kyoto Art Center, and as general director of the Kyoto Biennale 2003, he planned and curated such exhibitions as “SKIN-DIVE” (1999), the Kyoto Biennale 2003, and Gifu Ogaki Biennale 2006. He is a project team member for the ongoing collaborative video installation BEACON.


  • Manuela Infante

    Kyoto Art Center × Kyoto Experiment
    Artist in Residence Program 2018

    Performance "Stepping stones"

  • Manuela Infante CHI-SEI. Workshops

  • Talk: Dialogue on Technique (Sessions 1-3)

  • Manuela Infante / Teatro de Chile


  • Chiharu Shinoda, ZOO, 2016, Kyoto Art Center. Photo by Takuya Matsumi

    Chiharu Shinoda