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If we presume the nonhuman like stones and plants to have intelligence and a soul, what are the implications for theater? Since September, the Chilean playwright and director Manuela Infante is staying in Kyoto, where she is searching for ways to perceive the nonhuman in Japanese culture through a process of exchange with specialists in philosophy, Shinto, and gardening. In October, she will hold a workshop for artists in order to shape the results of her research into a piece of theater.

In the workshop, participants will share their own ideas and techniques in addition to working with Infante’s research results and directing approaches. The sessions will create a performance ahead of the final residency presentation on October 28th. Infante will also use the workshop to recruit collaborators for her new theater work that she will stage in Chile in two years’ time.

At a recent talk, Infante noted that she hopes to shape her research results into theater rather than a written text or report. We look forward to welcoming artists and researchers as participants ahead of the October event and upcoming performance in Chile.

Comment by Manuela Infante
During my stay in Kyoto, I am researching perspectives on the nonhuman in Japanese culture and throughout the long history of the East. In particular, I am interested in the relationship between stones and people. At this workshop, I will carefully develop this idea further and look for potential collaborators for a Japanese-Chilean co-production to take place between 2019 and 2020.

Kyoto Art Center Studio 3

Manuela Infante

Born in 1980 Manuela Infante is a Chilean theater playwright, director, script writer and musician. Infante hold a BA in Arts from the University of Chile and a MA in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam. With her group Teatro de Chile (2002-2016) she wrote and directed numerous works with the support of the Chilean Funds for the Arts. Four of her plays have been published and translated into English and Italian and her work has toured internationally to the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Perú, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Singapore and Korea. She has produced work with Hebbel am Uffer, Festival de Modena, The Watermill Center, FIBA and FITAM. In 2015 she was the first woman to be appointed director of The National Festival for Dramaturgy (Muestra Nacional) in Chile. Following ZOO in 2016 SPRING, this will be the second time Infante participates in Kyoto Experiment.

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  • Manuela Infante

    Kyoto Art Center × Kyoto Experiment
    Artist in Residence Program 2018

    Performance "Stepping stones"