Natsuko Tezuka Workshop

Walking, moving, what happens to the body when you conciously control movements you normally do unconsiously? This workshop by Kyoto Experiment 2018 artist Natsuko Tezuka moves and stretches conciousness toward the inside of the body with the theme “observing the body of a person”. Recommended for people interested in movement, art and theatre as well as for those who wish to carefully challenge themselves.

Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto

Natsuko Tezuka

Natsuko Tezuka is a dancer and choreographer born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. She shifted from mime to dance from 1996 and has continued her practice through a style of trial and error not based on preexisting techniques. In 2001, she started her Anatomic Experiment series in which she scrutinizes her own body. That same year she was a finalist for the Toyota Choreography Award with Anatomic Experiment—2. She then toured to New York, Berlin, Jakarta, and Rio de Janeiro, interacting with local artists and performing her work. She has continued experimenting and examining westernization from multiple perspectives, starting the Asia Interactive Research project in 2010 to observe folk performing arts and question the framework of the nation, and launching with ST Spot a folk performance survey club. In 2015, she staged Some Experiments in a Decade and a Half in Fukuoka, followed by at Singapore International Festival of Arts and then at the Our Masters—Tatsumi Hjikata season in 2016 at the Asian Arts Theatre in Gwangju, South Korea. Along with the Sri Lankan artist Venuri Perera and South Korean artist Yeong Ran Suh, she launched Floating Bottle, a new group that explores what westernization means for Asia. Its first performance was at ST Spot in Yokohama in 2017. Since 2018, she has added Berlin as a further base for her activities and is developing a new kind of nomadic practice.

Presented byKyoto Experiment, Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto


  • Natsuko Tezuka / Floating Bottle, Floating Bottle Project vol.2 Dive into the point, 2018, ROHM Theatre Kyoto. Photo by Yuki Moriya.

    Natsuko Tezuka / Floating Bottle

    Floating Bottle Project vol.2
    Dive into the point