Roberta Lima Photo Report

Photo by Nao Tsutsumi Photo by Nao Tsutsumi

“Embodiment of Water” comprises of three different performances in the same space as an installation in the Auditorium of Kyoto Art Center, with contact Gonzo’s Yuya Tsukahara also appearing as a performer.

The second performance of “Embodiment of Water” took place on October 14th. At the centre of the performance was an ice chandelier. Environed by projectors showing videos of the sake brewing process at Shoutoku Shuzo brewery where Lima spent a week last year for research, as well as videos from the first performance, the performance started with intense music and dance. Changing with the music, Lima and Tsukahara shifted from dance to cutting the strings which hung the ice from the ceiling. The ice was strong and hard but also beautiful as it fell and caught the light.

Enjoy our photo report of the performance below!

The final performance of “Embodiment of Water” is on October 21st at 13:00. The installation is also open until October 21st. Full information here.

Photo Report by Nao Tsutsumi (Kyoto Experiment PR Ambassador)
Photos taken on October 14, 2018. Kyoto Art Center.


  • Roberta Lima, Embodiment of Water, 2018, Kyoto Art Center. Photo by Yuki Moriya.

    Roberta Lima

    『Embodiment of Water』

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