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The People Behind
Kyoto Experiment

Kyoto Experiment, which aspires to be a place for experiments in creativity and exchange between artists and audiences, is formed by many people working together on these endeavors.

The volunteers who run the festival venues on the days of the events. The specialist staff and interns who do all the preparation for the performances. The partners whose own creative activities vitalize the arts scene in the city. The corporate and individual supporters who offer sponsorship and donations.

These are the people who help make Kyoto Experiment.


Aimed at people interested in theater, dance, music, and contemporary art as well as those who want to experience running an arts event or to help provide a hospitable welcome for artists and audiences from Japan and overseas, the activities of the festival’s volunteers offer opportunities to come into closer contact and become more familiar with the performing arts.

Application Period: June to August



Kyoto Experiment offers two types of internship programs that aim to develop the next generation of talent for the performing arts industry.

Festival Management Team Internships
This internship is aimed at people aspiring to work in the performing arts as a future career as well as those interested in arts festival management and the relationship between society and art, and who hope to further their research through direct experience in the field. It is a long-term, practical training program held over the course of around six months, during which participants are involved comprehensively with the running of the festival, from the preparation through to the end of the events. Alongside training at the management office, interns are divided into three streams (office management/administration, PR and publicity, stage technicians) to acquire specialist and practical skills.

Application Period: March to April

Short-Term Internships
Suitable for people concretely considering their future careers, those who want to enhance their language abilities and other skills, and those seeking to deepen their knowledge and experience about the performing arts, this internship forms the first door for entering the working environment of an international performing arts festival. Taking place from immediately prior to and during the festival, it is a short-term, concentrated internship where participants work as members of the team on site under the supervision of specialist staff.

Application Period: June to August


Open Entry Program
(Open Call for Partner Events)

The Open Entry Program is a lineup of events taking place at the same time as the main festival in Kyoto Prefecture. They are selected from an open call regardless of genre/type and without screening so that Kyoto Experiment can serve as a platform for disseminating information on the bustling arts scene in Kyoto widely. Since its launch in 2013, the wide-ranging program of theater, dance, performance, music, and exhibitions has brought together artists from all over Japan and even overseas, creating diverse encounters in Kyoto each autumn.


Donors and Sponsors

Kyoto Experiment aspires to produce and accumulate the cultural assets of Kyoto through international exchange via the performing arts, support for young artists, building an organic network of people involved with the arts in Kyoto, and cultivating human resources. The festival also receives support from individuals and sponsors who endorse and back that mission.

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