Closing Message


After 23 days of performances and events, Kyoto Experiment 2018 came to a close on October 28th. Thank you to our audiences who attended during the festival.

Many thanks also to all the artists who participated as well as our volunteers.

While there is much to say about each and every memorable production and experience, some more time is required in order to summarize the overall festival in terms of its theme this year.

Nonetheless, it was deeply moving that, by giving the 2018 festival its theme, dialogue not confined only to appraisal of the works was appearing spontaneously here and there outside the theater venues.

Whenever I think of the difficulties faced by the society in which we now live, while theater and dance can indeed simply serve as entertainment to help us momentarily forget those troubles, I don’t want to give up believing that it possesses a power greater than this.

The performing arts function as a platform for reflecting on our current location, refining our ideas, and then sharing these ideas. Though this may not be the easiest response to understand, I could take hope that theater and dance enable us to recompose the world gradually from the foundation up into something better.

A performance space comes into effect and creates meaning in its performance only when the audience participates in various ways. One impressive thing this year was the realization that the members of the audience were not merely recipients, but rather play an important role in supporting the festival.

Next year, I hope once again to introduce challenging examples of the performing arts from yet another perspective. Please look forward to it!

Yusuke Hashimoto
Program Director

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