Meeting Point

The Meeting Point is a place for communication between audiences and the festival during Kyoto Experiment. This year’s Meeting Point is located at the special stage designed by dot architects Shimashima Jima, located inside ROHM Square at ROHM Theatre Kyoto. Here audiences can learn about recommended events as well as purchase tickets and drinks. It also hosts talks and events where audiences can share their impressions of events. Two weeks before the festival, a pop-up meeting point (ticket booth) will also appear at Kyoto Art Center.


<Meeting Point Opening Hours>

◆Kyoto Art Center (ticket sales only, no drinks available)
September 21st (Sat)- October 4th (Fri) 12:00-19:00 (open every day)
September 21st (Sat)- October 3rd (Thu) 12:00-19:00 (open every day)
We will now be closed on October 4th.
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◆Shimashima Jima, ROHM Square ROHM Theatre Kyoto
October 5th (Sat)- October 27th (Sun) 15:00-22:00 (closed Wednesdays / ticket sales close at 21:30)
※Open from 12:00 on October 6th (Sun), 12th (Sat), 13th (Sun) and 14th (Mon)

There have been a number of changes in the opening hours of our festival meeting point. Please check the new opening hours below. Any changes are highlighted in red.

10/12 12:00-22:00 Closed due to the typhoon.

10/13 12:00-22:00
10/14 12:00-22:00
10/15 15:00-22:00
10/16 CLOSED
10/17 12:00-19:00
10/18 12:00-19:00
10/19 12:00-19:00
10/20 12:00-22:00
10/21 12:00-19:00
10/22 11:00-17:30
10/23 CLOSED
10/24 12:00-19:00
10/25 12:00-19:00
10/26 12:00-22:00
10/27 15:00-22:00

Last orders (tickets and drinks) are 30 mins before closing.

Due to rain or uncertain weather conditions the meeting point may close. Information about the meeting point opening hours will be announced everyday at 11:00am on the festival's official twitter account.


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A place to experience the festival atmosphere outside of the theater and meet artists, other audience members and festival staff. A number of events are planned such as the “Festival Share Cafe” where audiences can share their thoughts after performances.


Enjoy a cup of coffee or bottle of Kyoto Experiment's original beer before after a performance.


Festival staff at the meeting point are available to introduce recommended programs and information about the festival. All tickets and ticket sets for the official program can also be purchased.

Shimashima Jima

This stage resembles a small archipelago of islands with varying heights and is decorated with three types of stripes. Striped patterns came to Japan in the 16th century and soon became popular on fabrics. Since there was no word originally to describe such patterns, the Japanese name was derived from the word for island, shima. Shimashima Jima hosts events and also serves as a flexible rest spot. Be sure to visit it before or after a show.

Kyoto Experiment 2019 OPENING PARTY

October 5th (Sat) 21:00-
Venue: Shimashima Jima, ROHM Square ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Free admission (Food and drink available to purchase)

Kyoto Experiment 2019 CLOSING PARTY

October 27th (Sun) 18:30-
Venue: Shimashima Jima, ROHM Square ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Free admission (Food and drink available to purchase)

Other Events


Festival Share Cafe

Even when watching the same performance, everyone has a different experience. Festival Share Cafe is a place to share perspectives and discoveries by listening to the stories of other audience members who have watched the same performance.
Venue: Shimashima Jima or a cafe nearby the venue. Please assemble in the lobby of the venue after the performance.
Time: approx. 1 hour
Language: Japanese
Charge: Free, one drink included
More information here.

Book Fair

Close to Shimashima Jima the Kyoto Experiment Book Fair is held at Kyoto Okazaki Tsutaya during the festival. In addition to books about the artists in the festival, there is also a series of books recommended by the program director.
More information here.

Fringe: Open Entry Performance

Venue: ROHM Square ROHM Theatre Kyoto

October 5th (Sat) 10:00-12:00/6 (Sun) 10:00-12:00、13:00-15:00 mu TAIKOKO~percussion system for anybody~
October 14th (Mon) 15:30- Neck of Chaos/Erehwon/LINEKRAFT/INZOKUTAIKO & Sandersonia PSYCHIC LEFT
October 19th (Sat) 15:00-/ October 20th (Sun) 13:00- Tokyo Dance Seed Dance「ITO no YUME」 + Other
October 24th (Thu) 17:00- Yoshiko & Hiroko ...and Today is
October 26th (Sat) 16:30- Mayu Shirai, Abe-c External⇔Intenal

More about Fringe: Open Entry Performance here.

Guests Take Over the Festival Meeting Point!

On certain days we will be having a number of guests run our meeting point at Shimashima Jima! The hosts are dot architects, the architectural unit behind Shimashima Jima with the “dot bar”, and the party collective “GOZVA”.

October 12th (Sat) dot architects "dot bar" (Cancelled due to the typhoon.)

An architect unit established by Toshikatsu Ienari and Takeshi Shakushiro. Based in Kita-Kagaya, Osaka, this program is run by Co-op Kitakagaya - “A Collaborative Studio for Another Society" - which brings together people and organizations from various fields such as art, alternative media, archiving, architecture, regional research, enthusiast circles, and NPOs. Specialists and non-specialists cooperate in the design and construction process. They are involved not only in design but also in various projects such as site construction, research projects, and art projects. The current members are seven: Toshikatsu Ienari, Takeshi Shakushiro, Wataru Doi, Hidefumi Terada, Keiko Miyachi, Ai Ikeda, and Tomohiro Ishida.

◆October 14th (Mon) GOZVA

The name of a “party collective” with Shingo Yamasaki, Takuya Matsumi, Songi Kim and Hanabi Takemiya as its central members (The total number of members is unknown). 1 ~ 2 times a month, they host a bar without announcement, encouraging artists to cash in their works, zines, and mixtapes on the spot and drink with that money. Also regularly hosts the book party “Mountain Mountain”.

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