Kyoto Experiment is a performing arts festival held in Kyoto since 2010. Dedicated to producing experimental performing arts—both from Japan and overseas— the festival aims to bring the arts and society closer together through new forms of dialogue. Featuring experimental works that move freely between genres such as theater, dance, music, fine art, design, and architecture, the festival hopes to open up new possibilities through the creations, experiences, and ideas that emerge from such a diverse combination.

Program Frames

Shows Kansai Studies Super Knowledge for the Future[SKF]

The festival consists of three programs: “Shows,” a lineup of experimental performing arts works and exhibitions from around the world; “Super Knowledge for the Future [SKF],” a series of talks and workshops that explore the relationship between experimental performing arts and society; and “Kansai Studies,” a program that researches the Kansai region together with artists and provides a foundation for future creation.


This program invites forward-thinking artists from Japan and overseas, staging works of performing arts that we think should be experienced right now. Closely observing the shifts and trends in the performing arts scene in Kyoto and the Kansai region, the program introduces experimental works that transcend the genre boundaries of dance, theater, music, and fine art. The program focuses on ambitious works that raise new questions about perceived boundaries in the performing arts, including those between auditorium and stage, between genders, between work and creative process, and between subject and object of performance.

Super Knowledge for the Future [SKF]

Can artists foresee the future? The “SKF” program connects society with experimental performing arts through talks and workshops in an attempt to spark new ideas and dialogues, a fresh awareness of issues, and perspectives on the future. Think, discuss and debate together on various social problems and issues addressed by experimental works. We hope the “Super Knowledge” acquired will equip you to flexibly confront the unpredictable future!

Kansai Studies

As an international festival based in Kyoto, this program focuses on the region upon which the festival stands and explores it through fieldwork. Artists take the lead in the program, researching the Kansai region’s culture in team with local residents, producers, and researchers.Thoughts and observations derived from this research are published on the Kansai Studies website and archived in a way that allows viewers to follow their development. This is intended to be an “online library” accessible to all, which may one day serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration, as well as a testing ground, for future creators and projects.

A Message from the Directors


  • Yoko Kawasaki

    Yoko Kawasaki

    Performing Arts Producer / Kyoto Experiment Co-director After working at CAN Inc. and as an art coordinator for Kyoto Art Center from 2011-2014, she was a fellow for the Program of Overseas Study by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan and studied at HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin. In recent years she has planned and produced interdisciplinary performing arts projects. She has been involved as production coordinator at Kyoto Experiment since 2011 and is co-director since 2020.

  • Yuya Tsukahara

    Yuya Tsukahara

    Kyoto Experiment Co-director. After graduating with a master’s degree in Aesthetics and Art Studies from Kwansei Gakuin University, he joined NPO DANCEBOX as a volunteer and later became a staff member. In 2006, he began activities as an artist as a member of the performance group contact Gonzo. In 2020, he received the Best staff award at the Yomiuri Theater Awards for his scenography and choreography in the theater work Pratthana – A Portrait of Possession. Since 2020 he is also a part-time lecturer at the Department of Sculpture at Kyoto City University of Arts.

  • Juliet Knapp

    Juliet Knapp

    Kyoto Experiment Co-director. Born in Fukuoka. Graduated Oxford University with a BA in English Literature and Language. From 2015-2017 she worked as communications manager and project manager for music and performance at Ryoji Ikeda Studio. She has been involved as a member of the PR team at Kyoto Experiment since 2017 and is co-director since 2020. Likes Yorkshire Tea.

  • Junko Kakiwaki

    Junko Kakiwaki

    After studying theatre at university, joined the theatre company MONO as a production staff member. Currently Kyoto Experiment’s executive director. She thinks the work that goes into facing one theatre company, as well as that of welcoming many artists is equally as fun! Likes numbers. Has an admiration for those that feel prime numbers are beautiful.

  • ロゴコンセプト

    Miwako Inoue

    Majored in ‘Coexistence with NPOs’ at graduate school. At Kyoto Experiment, she is in charge of volunteers, managing internships and arranging hotels. Believes most things are fine if you have animals and plants. Favorite food in the world was peaches, but due to a fruit allergy, is no longer able to enjoy them.

  • Shunsuke Kadowaki

    Shunsuke Kadowaki

    At Kyoto Experiment, he is in charge of accounting, ticketing and grants & subsidies. Active as an actor for two theatre companies, Baby Pee and Knit Cap Theater. Sometimes plays the Cajón.

  • Hiroshi Watanabe

    Hiroshi Watanabe

    At Kyoto Experiment, he is in charge of SKF and related events as well as ticketing. Society, art and learning are his keywords. Involved in theatre, organises workshops, MCs and teaches. In daily life, is a Hanshin Tigers (baseball team) fan and sports enthusiast who never fails to check the sports news.

  • Yoshimi Toyoyama

    Yoshimi Toyoyama

    Public Relations Team. Born in Osaka. After graduating with a degree in film and performing arts from Kyoto University of the Arts, she formed and was active as a member of a performance group. →Studied abroad in Thailand. →Present: production coordination for theatre, dance, photo exhibitions and murder mystery events. Likes Thailand, travelling and bottled beer.

  • Ruka Maeda

    Ruka Maeda

    Public Relations Team. Born, raised and lives in Osaka. From a young age to high school, participated in Oyako Theater (Parent & Child Theater) and grew up watching theater and performing arts. After studying cultural policy at graduate school, she is based in Osaka and works as a production coordinator for performing arts events and arts manager for projects with people who do not specialize in art. Likes (anime and cartoon) characters and cute things.

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