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Shota Yamauchi & Maki Ueda

Sweaty-oily Sour-cheesy Juice

©︎Shota Yamauchi

When the “Smell of Love” Intertwines with the Body

Atop the stage sits a device combining a glass distiller and a large water tank with thin tubes—it is a distillation machine for extracting the body odor of humans. Using the distiller, a number of performers transform body odors collected from audience members into a perfume which is then blended with various fragrances in the large water tank to create “smell juice”. The performers soak themselves in the smell juice, playing with the smell and attempting to become the “smell of love” itself. An extraordinary indescribable scent lingers in the air. As the work progresses, the scents in the theater gradually change. What smell will envelop the venue at the end?

Emerging contemporary media artist Shota Yamauchi works at the intersection of digital technology and physical expression; this new piece is his theater debut. In his 2021 Maihime, Yamauchi explored animalistic tendencies in a human’s sense of touch, depicting a pseudo-sexual encounter between a human and a virtual gorilla in virtual space. His curiosity has extended into the realm of “smell,” which is closely tied to emotion and memory, leading to a collaboration with olfactory artist Maki Ueda for this new work.

A paradise of smells is born from mixing the body odors collected from audience members and various “smells of love”. Through the performance, encounter a moment when human reason and animalistic nature intricately coexist through the sense of smell.

☞ A Message from Shota Yamauchi & Maki Ueda
This performance is a piece to be performed and a space for experimenting with smells created together with the audience. Not only can you enjoy the performance but you can also become a part of it. (You can get involved in a deeper and more active way.) We will collect smells from audience members to create a “human scent perfume” during the performance. Those who would like to participate will receive a “scent collection kit” by post (also available to pick up at Meeting Point Shijo Karasuma). The kit includes detailed instructions on how to collect your scent.
By bringing your own scent to the venue, it will be ******ed during the performance and you will become part of the experiment. ♡ The number of kits is limited so if you are considering participating please purchase your tickets soon! We look forward to your active participation. ♡

10.7 (Sat) 18:00
10.8 (Sun) 13:00 / 18:00
10.9 (Mon) 15:00 ★

★ Post-show talk

Duration: 60-90 min (TBC)
Japanese with English surtitles

⚠️ Please note that scents will be diffused throughout the space during the performance.

It is possible for ticket holders to participate in a part of this work. Ticket holders who have purchased tickets online through the Kyoto Experiment Ticket Center (the Getti website) will be contacted at a later date (via the email address registered at the time of purchase) with further details and to ask whether or not they would like to participate. Ticket holders who have purchased their ticket through any other method; please check the website the ticket was purchased from or the ticket itself for further details.

Shota Yamauchi


Shota Yamauchi

Yamauchi was born in 1992 in Gifu and is currently based in Kanagawa. As part of the generation that has grown up with a post-1995, internet version of reality, through his work Yamauchi seeks, through myriad means, to illuminate the relationship between the self and the world, and rifts between the world as he perceives it, and as it actually is in reality. Employing a range of different media, from video to sculpture, installation and performance, Yamauchi skillfully switches between clay animation, chroma key, 3DCG, 3D printing, VR, and motion capture technologies. His works are distinguished not only by a technology-driven pursuit of novelty, but by the desire to express raw physicality and the complexity of quintessentially human emotions, contradictory feelings and situations. ☞ Shota Yamauchi website

Maki Ueda

Ishigaki Island

Maki Ueda

Ueda is an olfactory artist born in Tokyo in 1974. She lived in the Netherlands since 2000 but is currently based on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa where she has established her own atelier. She studied media art under Masaki Fujihata at The Environmental Information Department at Keio University in Japan. After receiving grants from the Japanese government in 2000 and from the POLA Art Foundation in 2007 she stayed in Holland and Belgium. Since 2009 she teaches courses on olfactory art at The ArtScience Interfaculty at The Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, Williem de Kooning Academie and the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Gifu. She has been nominated for the Art and Olfaction Awards Sadakichi category, the world's olfactory art hall of fame, for five consecutive years so far, winning in 2022. ☞ Maki Ueda website ☞ Maki Ueda Olfactory Art Lab

Concept and Direction: Shota Yamauchi, Maki Ueda
Performers: Emi Ogura, Ayaka Fujita, Karu Miyoshi
Choreography Advisor: Pijin Neji
Music: Kazumichi Komatsu
“The I Love Smell Song” “The Odor Song”
Writer: Shota Yamauchi
“The I Love Smell Song” “The Odor Song”
Composer: Emi Ogura
Costume provided by ENFÖLD, Kurage
Stage Manager: Kodachi Kitagata
Lighting: Kana Watanabe
Sound: Mina Hayashi
Video system: Takao Yokota
English surtitles translate: hanare x Social Kitchen
Production Coordinators: Yuko Takeda, Aina Okuyama / Taro
Intern: Reo Tsunooka, Masaki Mori and Shota Yamamoto

Produced by Shota Yamauchi
Co-produced by Kyoto Experiment
With the special cooperation of Toshitaka Tanaka
Supported by The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government
of Japan, through the Japan Arts Council
Presented by Kyoto Experiment